Home Appliance’s Avon showroom and design center provides a next-level indoor and outdoor appliance buying experience

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The grilling patios at Home Appliance’s Avon showroom are a barbecue enthusiast’s happy place.

By Bill Yurgen

Recently, I heard about a grilling event being held at Home Appliance’s Avon showroom and design center. They’ve been open for two years now and smashing sales records every month, despite Covid-19. Needless to say, it was time for a visit.

Grills and More Grills
As promised, there were cooking and grilling demonstrations that included some luscious ribs slow smoked on a Kamado Joe, kamado-style charcoal grill, and there were many other delights to inspire that primal part in us that sends us to the backyard to cook every summer.

If the wonderful aromas didn’t arouse your appreciation for all things barbecue, Home Appliance was killing it with its presentation. After visiting one of numerous working demo kitchens at the entrance, where Chef Brittany Reilly was busily prepping vegetables, I proceeded straight to the back where a very realistic “indoor patio” can be found. There stood a complement of grills in so many sizes and varieties it would make Steve Raichlen of TV’s Project Smoke blush. Just beyond the indoor patio lives an outdoor patio, with yet more grills for demonstration purposes.

The Home Appliance Approach
Even from the outside, the Home Appliance Avon showroom and design center is different. Instead of residing in a typical retail strip plaza, it can be found in an office park facing Jaycox Road. Immediately, visitors are greeted by one homey vignette after the next. The purpose is to allow customers to view a broad selection of appliances in a way that helps them envision each product in their own home. If you are buying appliances for a remodel or new construction, this is an invaluable tool.

The Key to Great Food
Most Home Appliance salespeople have extensive experience in the major appliance business. They thrive on selling their customers in an informative manner. No one walks away feeling pressured or, worse yet, ignored. And you know just what your new appliance is capable of. That’s a huge help when selecting a new grill.

Home Appliance can help make your summer the “Summer of Yum.”

The Place to Buy a Grill
If you fancy yourself a “Patio Daddy-O” or aspire to be a “Mommy of all Things Umami,” you know that long before you consider recipes or fad techniques, the secret to great food depends on two fundamentals—quality equipment and quality ingredients. Not necessarily expensive, but quality is of utmost importance. A crummy steak raw will still be a crummy steak prepared. When it comes to cooking with sub-par equipment, even your butcher’s finest can be turned into a charcoal ruin with a poorly controlled grill handicapped with hot and cold spots.

Sound Advice Meets Great Prices
Along with luxury grills, Home Appliance has the better brands you’ll see at a box store like Weber, Napoleon and Broil King, but they add that elusive special ingredient...sound advice. Knowledgeable salespeople are on hand to answer your questions and make recommendations. Quaint? Yes. Far better than hoping you made the right decision online? You bet.

If you desire a professional-grade charcoal grill and smoker, Home Appliance offers Kamado Joe and Weber Summit kamado-style grills. For industry leading quality and engineering, Home Appliance proudly sells Blaze grills, outdoor appliances and outdoor cabinetry. This line is a must-shop if you are in the market for a luxury grill.

Your new grill, like all appliances that Home Appliance sells, can be professionally assembled if necessary. Delivery when needed is again done by professional employees, who respect your purchase and your property.

A Mimi Pro-Shopper Tip
For a limited time, Thermadore and Monogram are offering special savings with appliance bundling. Buy select appliances and get a free dishwasher.*

The Home Appliance Sales and Service Showroom and Design Center is located at 1180 Jaycox Rd. in Avon. Additional locations are in Brunswick and Lodi. For information, visit YourHomeAppliance.com. The phone number is 440-517-1888. Hours are Monday and Thursday, 9 a.m.–8 p.m.; Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, 9 a.m.–6 p.m.; Sunday, 11 a.m.-4 p.m.
*See store for details.