How to protect your concrete

Pristine Clean Sept 21 Photo
(Above) Pristine Clean techs use state-of-the-art walk-behind power washers to clean your concrete, then they apply a sealant to protect it.

By Mimi Vanderhaven

The icy grip of winter is on its way and Northeast Ohio homeowners who haven’t yet cleaned and sealed their concrete driveways are scheduling the service right now. It’s a good idea. While removing mold, mildew, moss, oil and stains from your concrete surfaces, and sealing them, creates a far more pleasing appearance, there is an even better reason—protection.

“Concrete may look solid, but it’s not,” explains Pristine Clean founder Ken Wilson. “It’s actually like a sponge. It absorbs water which expands up to 9% when it freezes causing chipping, cracking and flaking, especially with driveways poured in the past 10 to 20 years because the quality of concrete has declined recently in the name of affordability.”

That’s right. The concrete builders use today is not as strong as that poured by our grandparents, let alone the ancient Romans.

“The Roman Coliseum has survived for 2,000 years, but with today’s lower quality, it’s unlikely your concrete driveway will be here even 200 years from now,” Ken says.

In addition, home builders want to be as efficient as possible and using extra water in concrete mix makes it easier to pour and work with. But that extra water causes the aggregate to sink to the bottom, leaving the surface even more vulnerable to chipping and flaking.

The answer?

Clean and seal it...but do it now.

“As soon as the nighttime temperatures drop too low, concrete sealants cannot penetrate and protect,” Ken says. “That’s why September and October are such big months for us. If you don’t do it now, it won’t get done.”

Prevent Chipping, Pitting, Cracking
“Our goal in sealing your concrete is to fill the holes in the concrete so water cannot penetrate them, ensuring the integrity of your driveway, patio and walkways,” Ken says.

But you have to choose the right sealer.

Using high-tech walk-behind cleaning units, the technicians at Pristine deep clean the concrete to clear it of dirt and contaminants. Then they apply a sealer made of silane-siloxane, which chemically reacts to create a hydrophobic barrier. “We use this unique combination because silane fills the small spaces, and siloxane expands into the bigger spaces,” Ken explains. “Plus, our sealer will mitigate staining and protect your driveway and walkways against further contaminants, such as oils and road salt.”

Siding and Roofs, Too
In addition to concrete clean and seal services, Pristine Clean also power washes siding, decks and roofs. If you haven’t had your home power washed this season, Ken says it’s still in your long-term best interest to eliminate built-up grime, algae and moss from the siding and roof before winter hits.

And, unlike home improvement companies that quote an exaggerated price for a service in hopes that the homeowner will not try to negotiate down, Pristine offers fair, consistent pricing. “Every customer gets our best price, up front, period,” Ken says.

The Pristine Roof Renew
Before spending a bunch of money replacing your roof, consider a leading-edge roof restoration service. The new, Pristine Roof Renew is an asphalt shingle rejuvenator that extends the life of your entire roof for 5 to 10 years. The soy-based, eco-friendly application works by restoring lost oils to the shingles, dramatically increasing their flexibility and durability.

The application also waterproofs the surface of your roof and reduces the effects of oxidation and bacteria growth.

The new, Pristine Roof Renew is an asphalt shingle rejuvenator that extends the life of your entire roof for 5 to 10 years.

Here’s what company founder Ken Wilson said about treating his own roof:

“Before we even considered this new service, I tried it on my roof and was astonished at the results. My roof is 15 years old, the shingles were dull and brittle, and grit was coming off. Now, a year later, the color is still rich, the shingles still have good elasticity, and the grit is adhering much better. The service saved me thousands of dollars over a roof replacement, so now we’re offering it to all of our clients whose roofs have seen better days. And with over 12 million tons of non-recyclable shingles filling our landfills each year, it’s an environmentally-friendly option.”

Headquartered in Berea, Pristine Clean beautifies homes throughout Northeast Ohio. They are highly rated on Google, Facebook, and HomeAdvisor, and are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. Call 440-595-3958 to arrange for a free estimate, or visit All technicians are bonded, insured and certified by the Power Washers of North America.