If you feel overwhelmed, stressed out, can’t seem to quiet your mind or relax, know there is a natural solution for you

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Living Tree Center for Healing’s Dr. Nigel Brayer (right) is a chiropractor and diplomate in acupuncture. Dr. Harish Rai (left) is also a chiropractor and a fellow in acupuncture. Together they have developed the revolutionary “Anxiety-Free in 30 Days” acupuncture program. (Photography: Felicia Vargo)

By Patricia Nugent

Living Tree Center for Healing was created to be a one-stop natural wellness source based upon a foundation of acupuncture, nutrition, functional medicine and chiropractic care.

Dr. Nigel Brayer, a chiropractor and diplomate in acupuncture, and Dr. Harish Rai, a fellow in acupuncture who is also a chiropractor, are harnessing the power of acupuncture to radically change lives.

“Many people think of acupuncture strictly as a treatment for pain, such as chronic headaches and back and neck pain. But it’s also a remarkable remedy for weight loss, stress management (including anxiety), addiction and the signs of aging,” says Dr. Brayer.

Anxiety is something everyone deals with, with many more trying to navigate the issue as of late. Common symptoms include racing thoughts, feeling frazzled, and trouble relaxing.

“A lot of times the difference between two people with anxiety is their ability to control the variables, like kids, a spouse, work and bills,” he continues. “Even if we’ve mastered techniques to control our anxiety when times are stable, it can escalate when challenges come our way and those techniques dramatically fail—like a bus with its wheels about to come off.”

The result of being chronically anxious creates the condition of anxiety, and can cause depression, a nervous breakdown or domestic issues. Some people hide it better than others, burying it deep down so it can morph into angst and tension. “You’re in a state of fight or flight mode, which cannot be sustained, causing a myriad of health problems,” he says.

Over the last year, we’ve all had so much thrown at us, many people didn’t know how to cope. They just knew they wanted the feeling to end.

It can, right now.

Acupuncture for anxiety is a natural treatment for anyone suffering, regardless of age or how long they’ve been afflicted. Most people report immediate improvement following this drug-free treatment at Living Tree Center for Healing.

“People can finally experience the relief from anxiety once and for all—emerging healthier and happier than they’ve been in a very long time,” Dr. Brayer soothes. “Even people who’ve been living with anxiety for most of their life can find relief in a caring, supportive environment, here at Living Tree Center, with acupuncture and some very specific at-home exercises.”

Dr. Brayer and Dr Rai have observed that most people will feel notable changes in 30 days or less.

“Everyone is different, but the proactive patient who follows our program will see results,” says Dr. Brayer.

The Living Tree Center for Healing team has dozens of patient success stories to reference, but one that Dr. Nigel says stands out in particular is that of an adult man who’d been afflicted with anxiety for most of his life. “He was a regular Xanax user, something that’s typical for people with anxiety,” he relates. “He was desperate for a natural solution that combined science with a supportive approach and came to us for treatment. After going through our acupuncture program, he’s been medication-free for five months and we’ve completely resolved his anxiety. What we were able to do was turn down his fight or flight system and turn up the healing and restoring system. Finally, he’s been able to live—anxiety-free.”

Dr. Brayer says the Living Tree Center for Healing “Anxiety-Free in 30 Days” program is perfect for anyone, regardless of age, who wants to find relief. “We had a six-year-old patient who was afraid to get on the bus. It took her mom over an hour every day to get her on her way to school. She also had an extreme fear of needles. We treated her for one month and she’s been anxiety-free for the past two years. This is an all-natural treatment system that produces results.”

Living Tree Center for Healing is located at 11443 State Rd. in North Royalton. Call440-877-9440 or visit LivingTreeCenterForHealing.com for more information. Hours are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, 9 a.m.-6 p.m.; Thursday and Saturday, 9 a.m.-noon.