If you’re ready to feather your nest in Florida, Platinum Luxury Experts can help you sell and buy in both markets

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In Cleveland, Mark and Denise Zervos’ (center) Platinum Luxury Experts team is enhanced by industry veterans Erin Paglio and Lee Jarocki (left). In Florida, it’s enhanced by Cleveland natives and current full-time Florida residents Dan Sokolowski, Jr. and Monica Small (right).

By Patricia Nugent

Anyone who has ever lolled on the sugar-sand beaches of Florida’s sun-dappled coasts during spring break knows the question that looms during the return trip home.

Wouldn’t it be nice to live there?

It turns out many Clevelanders follow up on that and end up buying second homes or retirement homes in Florida.

Mark and Denise Zervos, owners of Platinum Luxury Experts, local leaders in the high-end real estate market, branched out to Florida four years ago to meet the needs of clients here looking to buy down there. To date, the team has opened offices selling properties in Naples, Bonita Springs, Marco Island, Sarasota, Fort Myers, Orlando, Tampa, Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton.

“Whether it’s people looking to retire full-time, snowbirds who migrate back and forth during the seasons, or those who choose property as an investment, our clients put their trust in our experience in both markets,” says Denise. “And the crossover swings both ways.”

In Cleveland, the team is enhanced by industry veterans Lee Jarocki and Erin Paglio. In Florida, it’s enhanced by Cleveland natives and current full-time Florida residents Monica Small and Dan Sokolowski, Jr.

“The Florida market is very similar to the Cleveland market now,” she says. “Homes go on the market and attract multiple offers within days.”

“Over the past 90 days, we had 16 homes that sold over $600,000,” says Denise, noting that in Cleveland, a home is considered a luxury property if it’s valued at $450,000 and above. “And the average days on market has gone down drastically, to 84 days.”

When it comes to the subtle nuances of marketing luxury homes, the process is likewise similar for the CLE and FL markets.

Platinum Luxury Experts is an industry leader in bringing an upscale home to market and cultivating the buying audience. The highly trained and seasoned luxury agents aggressively defend a premium priced home.

“Our luxury agents know how to make a home romance a buyer,” she adds. “They position a home to be not only seen but also felt through an emotional connection.”

Finding Engaged Buyers
Platinum Luxury Experts team members know what kind of language a luxury buyer speaks, figuratively and literally. In fact, Denise mentions that a recent buyer from The Netherlands was drawn to a property she sold because he noticed a listing they had translated into his language. She notes that about one-third of the buyers in the luxury market are international, and they craft a narrative that appeals to them and have it professionally translated to capture every nuance.

“Our agents know enough about a potential buyer’s habits to get our properties in front of them,” she says. “We know what kinds of newspapers and magazines they read (Wall Street Journal, New York Times and duPont Registry to name a few) and how they like their social media.”

A Smart Investment
“Our clients realize what a great investment buying a second home in Florida can be,” says Denise. “You can cover your mortgage and then some by renting it out when you are not there. Then, when retirement comes along, move into your home full time.”

For clients who want to move to Florida, Denise and her team take the time to tour cities and neighborhoods with them to get a feel for what would be the best fit for their lifestyle.

“We’re seeing an influx of younger people who, during the pandemic, realized they could work from anywhere, so why wouldn’t that be someplace wonderful like Florida?” she asks.

Platinum Real Estate has 16 offices in Northeast Ohio and Columbus and nine in Florida. To get more information, call 844-LUX-PROS or visit ClevelandLuxuryExperts.com.

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