If you’re ready to radically transform your life, this book is for you

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Dentist and author Dr. Stephanie Aldrich created The Habit Formula to help anyone in any situation radically change their life. You can purchase her book at Amazon.com or TheHabitFormulaBook.com. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Beth Newcomb

By all accounts, Dr. Stephanie Aldrich had it all. With a successful dental practice on the verge of celebrating two decades of superior patient service, a loving marriage and her greatest gift, a young son, growing up happy and content, there was little more she could ask for. But overweight and wondering if her contribution to the world was limited to the here and now, Dr. Stephanie decided she could do better.

“I wanted to have more purpose,” says the owner of Akron Dental Concepts.

“I wanted more free time to pursue my passions. I wanted to provide a better experience to my patients, become a better wife and mother, lose weight and make a greater contribution to the world.”

She set in motion a series of changes that resulted in her not only losing 20 pounds, but also streamlining her practice so she could devote more time to patients and more time to her family and outside passions, like writing.

After stepping back and taking a closer look at the changes she’d made, Dr. Stephanie had an epiphany of sorts and recognized the formula she’d created could be applied to any area of her life—and yours.

“I developed a universal system for life transformation,” Dr. Stephanie says simply. “I took that system and broke it down into easy-to-follow steps so that anyone could apply the principles I developed to their own life and achieve their goals.”

Her new book, The Habit Formula, details six steps to achieving virtually anything you want out of life. These steps are outlined as awareness, decision, mentoring, choices, persistence and habit mastery. In her easy-to-read book, she describes how to apply each step and how to overcome hurdles along the way.

The final step, habit mastery, creates a snowball effect whereby you can use the momentum you’ve created and apply it over and over again to your life—no matter how large or small the change you wish to make.

“My neighbor was working a full-time job and had a cleaning business on the side that never really got off the ground,” Dr. Stephanie shares.

“I asked her if she was happy making someone else rich. When she realized she had created her own barrier to owning and operating a successful business, she decided to give my book a try. Today she is self-employed and is growing her business every day.”

“The Habit Formula allows you to break out of the cage you’ve built for yourself,” she promises. “It will help you to focus on what you want and how to get it. You’ll be able to take your passion and make it happen.”

If your goal is to be in a loving relationship, you can make that happen. If you want to be a better parent, the tools are there to become one. If you want to change a habit, enjoy better health, leave a legacy to the world, get that promotion, or even just be more efficient with your time, The Habit Formula will get you there.

“If the steps I developed could help me, they can help anybody,” Dr. Stephanie smiles.

Once you’ve finished the book, you can dive deeper into Dr. Stephanie’s program and get direct guidance by purchasing her online courses, at TheHabitFormula.com. Her new YouTube channel provides a ton of free guidance, at The Habit Master or Stephanie Aldrich The Habit Master.

“Think of any aspect of your life you want to change,” Dr. Stephanie says, pausing. “Now you have the tools to make it happen.”

Dr. Stephanie Aldrich’s book, The Habit Formula, is available at Amazon.com. You can get a free copy by visiting TheHabitFormulaBook.com. Simply pay for shipping. The office of her Akron Dental Concepts is at 1000 South Cleveland-Massillon Road in Fairlawn. The phone number is 330-666-7440 and the web address is AkronDentalConcepts.com.