In addition to a name transformation, Beachwood Dental dramatically transforms smiles

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Beachwood Dental, formerly Valley Smile and Implant Studio, may boast a new name, but all staff—including Dr. Rachel Beckett—and services remain the same. (Photography: Felicia Vargo)

By Patricia Nugent

Shakespeare once famously pondered, what’s in a name?

As this month Valley Smile and Implant Studio in North Royalton changes its name to Beachwood Dental, the answer is everything.

“We have been owned by Dr. Paul Mikhli, founder of Beachwood Dental, since 2017,” says Dr. Rachel Beckett. “This year he has decided to change our name to our sister practice, Beachwood Dental, as a reflection of how far we’ve come. We’ve worked to offer the highest caliber of patient-centered comfort, quality and care. Although our name is changing, we want people to know we are still the same doctors, same owner, staff and services.”

As part of the rebranding, the practice will have a new logo, new signage and be part of the Beachwood Dental website.

An Umbrella of Services
“Whether it’s a first visit for a toddler, braces for a teen, or dentures for a senior, we work with families to come up with the most advanced level of dental care possible—specializing in preventive, restorative and cosmetic procedures,” says Dr. Beckett. “Research and technology are at the forefront of everything we do. For instance, we’ve invested in digital scanning equipment and our own milling machine so we can place same-day crowns. That makes things more convenient for the patient, with less radiation and discomfort, and also allows me greater precision in the placement for the best outcomes. Having our own in-house lab gives us more control over the quality.”

In addition to crowns, they provide fillings, implants, bridges, non-surgical root canals, dentures, as well as bonding, veneers, whitening, Invisalign invisible braces, traditional braces and regular preventive visits.

Dr. Rachel Beckett, of the freshly named Beachwood Dental, offers orthodontic services, including traditional metal braces, lingual braces, clear braces, Invisalign and retainers.

Redesign Your Smile
“A lot has changed over the years when it comes to dental implants,” Dr. Beckett says. “The procedure now incorporates materials and metals that the body reacts well to, and the final implanted tooth looks, feels and functions just like a natural one. Patients who have had anxiety over getting an implant tell me they are pleasantly surprised by how easy it is.”

In addition to replacing teeth, she says they are using implants to anchor and stabilize dentures, for a more secure and confident bite.

Dr. Beckett has also branched into offering orthodontic services, including traditional metal braces, lingual braces, clear braces, Invisalign and retainers.

“More and more adults are opting to perfect their smiles with Invisalign,” she says. “The process is pretty simple. I use 3-D computer imaging technology to create clear, removable aligners, which are worn for two weeks and replaced with another set of aligners in a series. Total treatment time varies from case to case, but usually takes nine to 15 months.”

Following Strict Covid Precautions
“We follow all the safety protocols for safe social distancing, mask-wearing, and ongoing sterilization,” she says.

For patients who might be putting off their preventive visits due to Covid, Dr. Beckett reinforces that an ounce of preventive care is worth a pound of cure.

“Routine exams can detect issues such as oral cancer, tooth decay or gum conditions and prevent them from worsening and leading to more invasive treatment, such as a root canal, in the long run,” she says.

During each visit, she works with patients to educate them about their unique dental issues and come up with a treatment plan together.

Beachwood Dental (formerly Valley Smile and Implant Studio) is located at 17601 West 130th Street in North Royalton. Its sister practice is located at 3690 Orange Place, Suite 540, in Beachwood. Call 440-582-0550 or visit for more information. Appointments can be made online.