It takes just eight minutes to start getting your life back on track, naturally

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The goal of a PEMF session at 8 Minutes to Wellness is to make sure healthy nutrients get to the cells, and the waste and toxins are taken away. Pictured L-R: Karen Martin, Connie Murzyn and Patty Sulik, founder and owner. (Photography: Felicia Vargo)

By Olivia Bloom

For Patty Sulik, the journey to founding 8 Minutes to Wellness is personal. In 2017, after watching her daughter suffer with a chronic illness, she reached out to the wellness community. One of the best things she found on her journey was a special device that emits a patented therapeutic signal using a pulsed electro-magnetic field or PEMF.

“This is a non-invasive way to increase oxygen and blood flow to allow the body to heal itself naturally,” she says. “The circulatory system is really the cornerstone to your health.”

Cardiologists report that encouraging blood flow to affected tissues allows better function of the body’s systems. After just a few eight-minute sessions of laying down on this PEMF-activated mat, her daughter started showing improvement that she hadn’t seen in years. That is when Patty knew she needed to have one of the devices in her home for her daughter.

After purchasing one and having the whole family use it to get even more results, Patty knew she needed to share this with others. She started having people come to her home to use it and it grew from there. As word spread, she decided to move into the Matchworks Building in Mentor in August. Joining her are two other trained providers, Karen Martin and Connie Murzyn.

Heal Thy Self
“By increasing blood flow to get nutrients and oxygen to cells and remove waste, the body can start recovering naturally. We have used it for anything from injury recovery, intestinal issues and skin conditions to increasing energy and getting a better night sleep,” she says. “The issues we see most from our clients are back, knee, neck and foot concerns. Some are pre- or -post surgery and they can benefit as well.”

A session includes the whole-body wellness application and up to three targeted applications. “The sessions are very relaxing, and some will even be so relaxed they fall asleep,” says Patty.

8 Minutes to Wellness offers a first-time customer a special of three visits, including an initial consultation, for only $50. This introductory plan is to be used within a week since the effects are cumulative, which gives clients the best chance at getting a great result. After that it’s up to the client. They can come as needed or create a wellness routine to fit their schedules. There is also the option to purchase the device, if the client wants to take advantage of the wellness program, sleep program and targeted applications in the comfort of their own home.

8 Minutes to Wellness moved to the Matchworks Building, in Mentor, in August

Improving Knee Pain: Meet Gerry
After going through several surgeries, including a painful knee replacement, Gerry had decided to take a more non-invasive approach to her knee pain, caused by joint issues.

When she heard about 8 Minutes to Wellness opening in Mentor, it sounded like the perfect fit.

“I’ve suffered for the past 30 years,” she says. “My ultimate goal is to avoid future surgeries. After sessions here, I’ve been pain-free. Sometimes the pain comes back a little, but it’s not significant, nothing like it was. I began coming here three days in a row at first, then twice a week and then once a week.”

Gerry lays on a PEMF-activated mat, and also has a horizontal pad placed under her knees.

“I really enjoy the sessions,” she says. “This is such a soothing and relaxing environment.”

Like all the clients, when Gerry first came in, they did a wellness consultation to pinpoint her goals.

8 Minutes to Wellness is located within the Matchworks Building, suite 300-C, at 8500 Station Street in Mentor. Call 440-527-3724 or visit to make an appointment and find out more.