It’s time to get on the schedule for the ultimate deck transformation with Chagrin Home Improvements for your thorough and professional deck cleaning and staining

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Joe Jacobs and the crew at Chagrin Home Improvements use the best products available for cleaning and staining, and make minor repairs like replacing rotting boards, tightening loose railings and replacing nails and screws.

By Mary Malik

Spring is here, the temperatures are rising and we’re feeling more comfortable getting out of the house—at least to our own backyards. If the sight of your deck is not very inviting, it’s time to get on the schedule at Chagrin Home Improvements for a thorough and professional deck cleaning and staining. Owner Joe Jacobs says the schedule is filling up fast, and now is the time to pay attention to the outside living spaces of your home.

“Don’t let a peeling, fading and deteriorating deck detract from the beauty of your home,” says Joe. “It’s an easy, quick and affordable fix that will last a few years when done properly.”

A deck cleaning and fresh staining is one of the lower cost maintenance jobs you can do to your home and one of the most beneficial. But if it’s not done properly, you can create a much bigger problem.

“Many people think it’s like painting a room,” says Joe. “But you don’t walk on your walls. It’s a completely different surface that can’t be treated like a wall. There’s a thorough cleaning process involved to remove dirt and mold, and we do it the right way to get the longest life out of the job—and also extend the life of your deck.”

Chagrin Home Improvements will assess your deck’s condition, make any necessary repairs, and clean and prepare it for staining and sealing.

Joe and his crew use the best products available for cleaning and staining, and make minor repairs like replacing rotting boards, tightening loose railings and replacing nails and screws. They also take the extra time to protect the areas surrounding your deck before they even start the job. Things like covering your landscaping and masking the exposed areas of the house that could be damaged by the power washing process or the stain application are very important to the finished product.

“This is not something that my crew and I do on a part time basis or in addition to other jobs like so many other companies that offer deck maintenance,” says Joe.

Chagrin Home Improvements is a locally owned and operated business and Joe’s crew members not only live in this community, but they are also his family and friends.

“We are all full-time employees and together are dedicated to building this small business in this great community,” says Joe. “Our reputation is built on the quality of our work and that means everything to us. We want to do the job for you now, and we want you to call us the next time. We take great pride in what we do and guarantee your satisfaction.”

Chagrin Home Improvements also follows all Covid precautions when working in and around your home. Joe will come out to your home and examine your deck, take photos and measurements and then email your quote. No direct contact is necessary from start to finish. And don’t forget to ask Joe about pressure washing for any additional outdoor spaces.

“We can pressure wash your home and any surrounding surfaces like decks, patios, driveways and walkways,” says Joe. “Our goal is to protect, restore and upgrade the existing features of the exterior of your home. We’re all anxious to get outdoors, maybe this year more than ever. Chagrin Home Improvements will safely beautify the exterior of your home so you’re ready to welcome friends and family again.”

For more information and to get on the spring schedule, call Joe Jacobs at 440-247-6700 or check the website