J.P. Grabenstetter Construction specializes in creating gorgeous living areas in the space you have downstairs

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The J.P. Grabenstetter Construction team includes, from left, John, Eric, Doug, Dan, Blake, Jesse, Brian, Chris, Cheryl and Robert. (Ryan not pictured). Photography: Felicia Vargo

By Mary Malik

John Grabenstetter has always had a project going on. Growing up in Valley City in a family with six siblings, there was always something to fix. Even though John began a career in computer science after college, he never stopped building and fixing things.

“My dad could do just about anything and taught us right along with him,” says John. “My computer career was very project-oriented, so I’d have downtime between jobs. I always had a side project going on and eventually decided it was time to take a leap of faith, get out from behind the computer screen, and start my own construction business.”

Since John and his team of experts at J.P. Grabenstetter Construction focus all their knowledge and experience on basement projects, the process is very streamlined and efficient, which translates to a lower cost, fewer mistakes and a faster timeline of the final results.

J.P. Grabenstetter Construction started as a general remodeling company in 2008. The crew consisted of John and one buddy who would do just about anything—indoors and out.

“I saw a real need for good quality work,” says John. “We were taking on different jobs, learning by doing and assembling the best talent along the way.”

John’s business was growing and over the next several years he formed his team of 11 talented crew members and craftsmen who have a combined 248 years of experience in the construction business. Just over a year ago, John decided that J.P. Grabenstetter Construction would focus on specializing in basement finishing and remodeling.

“The main reason this decision was made is that we realized that although we’ll do any type of remodeling in a home, the basement can often be an afterthought in terms of real living space,” says John. “We wanted to change that and show people what can be created in their space. There are no limits to what your basement can be, and we love to get creative and help clients utilize this space for their family’s enjoyment—whatever that might mean for them.”

Since John and his team of experts focus all their knowledge and experience on basement projects, the process is very streamlined and efficient, which translates to lower cost, fewer mistakes and a faster timeline to the finished product.

“The process begins with a phone call to Cheryl Pratt, the backbone of this company,” says John. “I used to do all the administrative work myself and it was overwhelming. Cheryl has been in office administration for 27 years. It has changed my life being able to hand it all over to someone I trust who is amazing at her job, makes my life easier and allows the rest of us to concentrate on the day-to-day of each project.”

After Cheryl goes over the scope of a project with prospective clients and discusses budget, timing and expectations, John provides drawings and a detailed estimate. Once the plan and budget are agreed upon, construction begins.

Whether it’s an office, a spare bedroom suite, an exercise space, a theater room, a bar or a game room, the J.P. Grabenstetter team works with preferred vendors that provide finishing materials in a timely manner. Your transformation will take from an average of four to eight weeks.

“The process, start to finish, is an average of four to eight weeks,” says John.

“Whether it’s an office, spare bedroom suite, exercise space, theater room, bar or game room, we do it all and work with preferred vendors that provide us with finishing materials in a timely manner.”

John says that one of the things he and his crew like best about basement remodeling is the process is virtually hassle-proof.

“There’s an advantage to working in the basement,” says John. “We’re distanced from your family and not interrupting your daily lives, working in a weatherproof environment efficiently to minimize delays and keep your project on schedule.”

John says that the big reveal is the best part of the job.

“We specialize in helping you discover exactly what it is you need, and want, out of your project,” says John. “Budget constraints can affect expectations but as long as we know what we’re dealing with we have the flexibility and resources to give you that dream space. It’s exciting when people see that dream become a reality.”

Working with preferred vendors, local subcontractors and custom craftsmen helps J.P. Grabenstetter offer clients the best for less.

“We have built relationships in this business that allow us to stick to your budget while providing the highest quality products,” says John. “I wouldn’t do anything in your home that I wouldn’t do in my own.”

John loves creating new living spaces for his clients to enjoy with family and friends. It sure beats sitting behind that computer screen.

“As a company, we listen to you and focus on the details,” says John. “From your first phone call to Cheryl to the last piece of the construction puzzle, we are in constant communication with you making sure you’re getting what you want. This is your space, not mine. But I’ll treat it like it is.”

For more information, call Cheryl at J.P. Grabenstetter Construction at 330-850-1574 and check the website JPGrabenstetter.com.