Kat Lotus Nail Bar has become Medina’s go-to space for the latest in creative nail design

Kat Lotus

By Patricia Nugent

Since taking ownership at Kat Lotus Nail Bar last September, Candida Karam and her brother-in-law, Ary Khamvongsouk (shown in the photo above), have transformed this posh salon into Medina’s go-to destination for gorgeous nails.

Both nail techs, the dynamic duo puts its focus on an organic esthetic (they craft all their own vitamin-rich lotions, scrubs, sugars and masks with natural ingredients and divine essential oils), a super-chic atmosphere, and getting to know the clientele.

“The feedback we’ve received is that people enjoy building a relationship with us,” says Candida. “Communication is key, and clients appreciate they can work with us in a responsive way to get a bespoke experience tailored to their needs and wants.”

As Ary explains, they are living up to their symbol, the Lotus flower, which signifies rebirth, purity and rejuvenation. The interior includes a bank of black leather massage chairs for pedicures and several manicure stations beneath a halo of white lights and surrounded by gauzy white curtains.

“Sanitization is important to us. We take time between appointments to thoroughly sanitize the work areas,” says Ary.

To kick off the new year, here are a few specials:

• Spa Pedicure and Gel Manicure for $75

• Spa Gel Pedicure and Gel Manicure for $85

• Spa Pedicure and Dip Manicure for $90

• Spa Gel Pedicure for $55

“We’ve both been in the nail industry for more than 10 years,” says Candida. “Opening our own salon, finally working for ourselves, has been a dream come true, and we are thankful for all the support the Medina community has shown us.”

In addition to French dips, which are trending for a more natural look, Candida and Ary are doing a lot of festive nail art. They also specialize in a hybrid manicure that offers the best of dip and gel techniques.

Kat Lotus is located at 2763 Medina Road, in Medina. Hours are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Friday, and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday. Walk-ins welcome upon availability. It’s easy to book online at KatLotusNailBar.com or call 330-800-8690. Check out a gallery of their work on Facebook or Instagram.