Lamphear’s 4 Season Maintenance Package allows you to put away your mower, your trimmer, your rake and your snowblower for good

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For lawns that are a cut above the rest, Lamphear’s sharpens its mower blades daily for the finest precision cut possible.

By Ken McEntee

The nicest thing about having a gorgeous, well-manicured property probably isn’t the time you spend working on it, argues Kory Lamphear, owner of Lamphear’s Lawn Service. It’s enjoying and relaxing in it, he says.

“Weekends are short,” Kory emphasizes. “Every minute you spend working on your lawn is a minute that you’re not spending with your family.”

Simplifying Yard Care
By offering its 4 Season Maintenance Package, Lamphear’s is now making it more affordable than ever to take the burden of yard work off your shoulders. For one consistent monthly charge, the Lamphear’s 4 Season Maintenance Package covers:

• Weekly lawn service
• A five-step fertilization program
• Snow plowing

“Our clients tell us they love this program because it provides peace of mind, knowing they never have to think about their lawn again,” Kory says. “Even in the winter, there’s no worry about dealing with a snow-blower before you leave for work. And there is no need to worry about paying a fertilizer service, a separate mowing service and even finding and paying a snow plowing company. That’s because we do it all. Your charges are spread out into twelve equal, budget-friendly monthly payments that are conveniently charged to your credit card or to your bank.”

And one of the best parts, he insists, is that the 4 Season Maintenance Package starts as low as $175 per month based on a 6,000-square-foot lawn—depending on any additional services you might want to add.

Due to innovative products and services like its wildly popular 4 Season Maintenance Package, Lamphear’s continues to rapidly grow.

Surprisingly Budget Friendly
“The object of the program is to make it super affordable because we spread the payments out equally over 12 months,” Kory explains.

That makes it simple to budget.

“It’s the same ‘great rate, no worries’ approach we offer our commercial customers and homeowners associations,” Kory says. “Once you join our program, we just show up and do our job.”

That’s how Lamphear’s has earned the business of some of the largest commercial customers in the area. They trust Lamphear’s as does a long list of residential customers.

“We’re reliable, and we have 40 trucks ready to roll,” Kory says. “We’ll be out to clear your driveway when the snow fall is two inches or more. You may never use your snow blower again.”

Results You Will Love

“We’ve expanded our services over the years, but outdoor maintenance is our core service,” Kory insists.

And he takes it seriously.

Lamphear’s uses the best available commercial mowers and sharpens the blades daily—not weekly or monthly—to achieve the finest precision cut possible.

“We’ll send an experienced mowing crew to your home—not the same employees who are doing landscaping or other jobs,” he says. “They will determine the proper cutting height for your grass, and they’ll bring mowers that are appropriately sized for your yard.”

Lamphear’s five-step fertilization program, administered by licensed fertilization technicians, optimizes lawn care by applying:

• Pre-emergent crabgrass control and fertilizer in the early spring
• Slow-release fertilizer and broad leaf weed controller in late spring
• Two summer applications of fertilizer and spot treatments for broad leaf weeds
• A final fall application of fertilizer and spot treatment of broad leaf weeds

Mimi Pro-Tip: While you’re arranging your 4 Season Maintenance Package, this is also an ideal time to get your spring clean-up on Lamphear’s schedule.

To ease your mind and simplify your monthly budget by signing up for Lamphear’s new 4 Season Maintenance Package, simply call 330-725-2102. You can learn more at and Facebook: @ LamphearsLawnServiceLlc. Lamphear’s new headquarters is located at 3344 Pearl Road, in Medina.