Lamphear’s can convert your backyard into a private area that feels like a vacation escape

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Kory Lamphear and the team at Lamphear’s can turn your backyard into a vacation paradise. (Photography by Benjamin Margalit/Margalit Studio)

By Ken McEntee

The bad thing about a vacation is that it has to end. Unless the vacation is in your backyard.

“Turning your yard into a private, relaxing getaway gives you something to look forward to every day,” insists Kory Lamphear, owner of Lamphear’s.

Lamphear’s made its name and reputation by creating meticulously manicured lawns and expert landscapes, but the company also specializes in creating fabulous outdoor living areas in which to relax, party or just spend some family time.

“People are amazed by the way we can convert a normal backyard—even in a tight development—into a private area that offers the feeling of being on vacation,” Kory says.

Lamphear’s designs and installs outdoor living spaces using durable and attractive pavers. In fact, Kory emphasizes, Lamphear’s has earned the distinction of being recognized as an authorized Unilock contractor.

“Unilock is very particular about its reputation,” Kory says. “In order to become an authorized installer, we had to go through special training and demonstrate that we meet their strict quality standards and abide by their warranty.”

Unilock pavers carry a lifetime warranty, and Lamphear’s offers a two-year craftsmanship warranty on its installation.

“Some people cut corners with stamped concrete to simulate real pavers. But why not do it right and get the real deal?” Kory asks rhetorically.

“Compared to stamped concrete, most pavers can withstand two to three times more weight, and don’t crack or chip as easily. And, if for some reason you ever have to replace a couple of pavers, it’s simple to do. You pull them out and put new ones in.”

Unlike years ago, when colored pavers were subject to fading, today’s new Unlock products are designed to maintain their color, Kory promises.

Getting started on your fabulous new outdoor living is simple.

Sales manager Kevin Mick begins the process with a visit to your home.

“The most popular things that people want to include in outdoor living spaces are fire pits, outdoor kitchens with gas grills and bar areas,” Kory explains.

“Some people want a modest relaxation space for two, and others do a lot of entertaining and need room for 20 to 25 people. Kevin will talk with you about your lifestyle and what’s important to you.”

Then, using a 3D design program, he’ll create your new outdoor living area on his laptop—and show you exactly how it will look when it’s finished. You’ll see your actual home with your new patio added in.

“The most popular things that people want to include in outdoor living spaces are fire pits, gas grills and mini refrigerators,” Kory reveals.

“The stainless steel appliances will hold up for a long time, and granite countertops are ideal for outdoor cooking. We can install gas grills to run on propane, or, by hooking them up to your natural gas line, you’ll never have to worry about your propane tank running dry while you’re barbecuing for a patio full of friends.”

Fire pits can burn wood or offer the convenience of a natural gas flame at the flip of a switch.

Outdoor LED lighting sets the mood on the patio, while illuminating your cooking area and walkways.

“Being expert landscapers, we can build a spectacular outdoor living space in just about any yard,” Kory assures.

“Some people who are on hills or have uneven grades sometimes think they can’t have a stone patio. On the contrary, sometimes uneven terrain gives the patio a dazzling character. We can create retaining walls and multi-level patios that complement your home and property.”

They also can use screens and natural trees and plants to optimize the privacy of your patio.

Once your patio is installed, you might have Lamphear’s landscaping experts complete the park-like effect in your yard.

Lamphear’s landscaping division offers design-to-install services, beginning with a complimentary walk through your yard with Kevin, who can then create your new landscape in vivid detail right on his computer screen.

In order to avoid delays in landscaping jobs, Lamphear’s maintains an ample inventory of nursery stock, along with mulch, natural stone and other materials.

“We typically deliver plants and materials to a home a couple days in advance of a job,” Kory says. “That way, our crews are never delayed because they don’t have what they need to work with. All of our plants are from Ohio growers and they are all professional grade.”

A job well done, Kory believes, results from a blend of passion and good organization. That, he says, is why his full-service lawn and landscaping business has continued to grow without compromising the rigid service ethic and attention to detail he provided to his very first customers 18 years ago.

With its Full Season Service Program Lamphear’s makes it simple to have the best-looking yard in the neighborhood. The program includes mulching, deep edging, weekly lawn care, shrub pruning twice a year and weed control applications.

You can get started on turning your backyard into an enchanting vacation paradise by calling Lamphear’s at 330-725-2102. You also can get more information by visiting