Less time, more intense, and a proprietary equipment offering: This is why MaxStrength Fitness is one of the health and wellness leaders in Northeast Ohio

Jeff Tomaszewski 522
While working on his master’s thesis, Jeff Tomaszewski conducted a study whose results illustrated the key role of strength training in improving a person’s overall cardiovascular efficiency. It became his inspiration for MaxStrength Fitness. (Photography: Felicia Vargo)

By Patricia Nugent

With only a handful of weeks left in 2022, now’s a good time to take pause and ask yourself how you could improve your life in the year ahead.

Cardio vs. strength. HIIT. Wearable tech. Virtual training. The Mirror. Trends in training come and go, but proven results remain.

Meet Jeff Tomaszewski, founder of the MaxStrength Fitness model. His backstory in exercise physiology and training is interesting.

While a graduate student at Case Western Reserve University, Jeff conducted his own study as the basis for his master’s thesis.

The results illustrated the key role of strength training in improving a person’s overall cardiovascular efficiency. Building lean muscle mass leads to a host of other health benefits that affect a person’s overall wellness in the present and as they age.

His career path continued on an academic and training trajectory. He served as a professor and athletic trainer at Case. Though he loved his job, Jeff couldn’t get the thesis study out of his mind. The impact of its findings stayed with him. Eventually, he took the leap and opened a training studio based on it.

The MaxStrength Fitness team includes, L-R: Jeff Tomaszewski, Rachel Payne, Stephen Zbornik, Brian Stroh, Matt Koch, Dominic Coduti, Josh Barr, Colleen Donahue, Sarah Holub.
MaxStrength Fitness now offers wellness coaching to help people shift their mindset and embrace a new, healthier trajectory. Incorporated into the program is the center’s exclusive 20-minute, twice-weekly fitness program.
Jennifer Puhalsky, certified wellness coach and Jeff Tomaszewski, founder of MaxStrength Fitness

The MaxStrength Difference
In an industry of mega-gyms, MaxStrength Fitness studio is sort of an anti-gym.

“With the traditional model, people spend loads of time at the gym, often going every day and spending hours,” he says. “We actually don’t want people here more than twice a week, and our intense, precise and highly efficient workouts are only 20 minutes.”

With trainer-led workouts on specialized resistance equipment, the protocol triggers adaptive change in the muscles by completely exhausting them, pushing them to the point of failure, then allowing them time to fully rebuild between workouts.

A refreshingly different aspect to training at the studio is that temperatures are kept pleasantly chilly, so clients do not feel the need to shower after workouts.

“It’s surprising what a game-changer this is for busy people,” he adds. “Lots of our executives like to come in on their lunch hour, or on their way to work in the morning.”

Safer, Smarter Workouts
Another differentiator between MaxStrength and most gyms is the equipment. You won’t find rows and rows of treadmills and stair machines here.

Jeff researched the most advanced computerized equipment and brought it to the Cleveland area. As the only facility in the country to offer three systems under one roof (MedX, Imagine Strength and SuperSlow) to produce low friction and maximum muscular tension, the caliber of equipment is key to providing the most effective and safest exercise experience possible.

“Like it or not, as we age, we all suffer from sarcopenia (the wasting away of muscle tissue), which can lead to decreased activity, increased joint pain, elevated blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels,” he says. “Research shows high-intensity strength training can combat all these changes and it doesn’t take hours in the gym to produce them.”

MaxStrength Fitness is located at 2211 Crocker Road in Westlake. Just call 440-835-9090 or visit MaxStrengthFitness.com for more information or to see more testimonials.

Introducing Wellness Coaching
A program that has been in the works for several years, MaxStrength Fitness recently introduced Wellness Coaching to take its transformational training results to the next level.

Led by certified coach Jennifer Puhalsky, it’s a great fit for people looking for a roadmap to achieve their best level of wellness.

Jen is an excellent example of “walking the talk.” After being overweight most of her life, she lost 200 pounds and then went back to school to become a wellness coach.

Her holistic approach addresses the key areas of a client’s life: nutrition, exercise, stress management, getting the best sleep, attaining financial security, and finding happiness by expressing daily gratitude.

The coaching fits easily into busy lifestyles. First you fill out a questionnaire, then come in for an initial 30-minute consultation. She’ll have you use the InBody composition scanner to deliver data that’s actionable. Then you’ll set reasonable goals and meet with her virtually or in person to come up with strategies to reach those goals.

“In addition to individual wellness coaching sessions, we are also starting to run corporate wellness consultations and programs,” she shares.

Go to MaxStrengthFitness.com/Wellness to check out the introductory package special going on through the end of 2022.