Many businesses are in competition for your remodeling project dollar, but few can deliver such an affordable improvement in appearance, maintainability and home value as The Bath Authority

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A beautiful bath awaits in as little as a day with your old bath and surround removed—right down to the bare studs.

By Bill Yurgen

Over the years I have written more than my fair share of home improvement-related articles, and have come to the conclusion that as with many other consumer products, there are three types of home improvement projects: Good, Better and Best.

Good: The Basic is a “just-get-it-done” project that fixes a long-ignored problem for the least amount of cash. Because the undertaking features few bells and whistles, it takes a minimal amount of time to complete.

Better: The Big-Box project has the same mission as “The Basic” except it’s marketed to a mass audience, is more expensive, features a few more options, a bit more quality, and you are a bit happier. But between supply chain and scheduling issues inherently involved with selling to a mass audience, installations can drag out, and you may remember your installers by their most often used phrase: “We’ll be back.”

A beautiful installation that requires minimal cleaning effort and maintenance redefines “luxury.”

Best: The Neighborhood King Custom project has it all—completely custom designed products and finishes loaded with luxuries. It gives you the ability to create something unique with superior workmanship. This approach is sure to make your neighbors (and your wallet) say, “Wow!”

Simply said, home improvement has been marketed in the above manner for years.

Until today.

We’re living in a new age of innovation and industry disruption regarding what is sold and how it’s marketed to you. Industries like automotive, cable, optical, mortgage and travel, to name a few, have been turned upside down with new products or hybrid versions of existing products—and the way they’re sold to you. Not only have we come to expect a much-improved product, we expect a superior buying experience, too.

Here in the Greater Cleveland area, Michael Strmac cofounded the industry-disrupting Universal Windows Direct with his late business partner William Barr. The pair also are co-founders of The Bath Authority, a hybrid in the bath remodeling trade. The creative team behind the innovative company includes Michael as the visionary, and Chris Dysert, a longtime member of the area home improvement community. His combination of managerial and entrepreneurial talents makes him the perfect general manager. Meaning, he’s the man who makes it happen.

Your Bath Transformed – In As Little As A Day
Chris explained that their creative child is “destined never to be pigeon-holed” in the good, better, best model.

“The Bath Authority can rework a shower or a tub/shower combo in as little as a day,” he said. “And all of our products are made right here in America and backed by a lifetime warranty.”

Flimsy Not Spoken Here
A good-grade shower remodel may make the same claim, but many companies work fast and cheap by installing flimsy fiberglass panels right over your existing walls and tile. If that sounds okay, remember that those shiny new panels are often being placed directly over porous grout where mold and mildew may be hiding—not to mention any damp drywall areas that often harbor the same. These potential nightmares will be permanently lying in wait, sealed in your walls where they can grow unabated underneath that gleaming surface.

Senior Style? This walk-in tub and low-threshold entry shower combo featuring subway sim tile, an ultra-durable shower seat, and ample shelves shouts functional elegance.

The Bath Authority completely removes the shower area drywall and replaces it with the specialized moisture-resistant greenboard drywall most 21st century building codes now require. Your installation is quick, with little to no disruption to your home.

The Better-Than-Better Hybrid
Chris noted that before the new wallboard is installed, critical framing is reinforced so The Bath Authority’s built-in shower seats can handle 350 pounds of weight easily.

“The impact-resistant polymer panels we use are of a premium thickness, are extremely durable, and feel every bit as substantial as the extra measures we take,” Chris explained. “We can also modify the shower entry for a step-in height as low as one-and-a-half inches.”

This product durability means your new seat will never be like a fiberglass version with hairline cracks, and your shower floor won’t bounce when you walk on it.

The “wow factor” made obtainable. These Othello Hex Etched panels are wildly popular.

So Easy to Keep Clean
It also means that abrasive cleaners are never necessary. A few squirts of a diluted vinegar solution and a microfiber towel cleans and shines your bath like new, year after year.

“We create highly realistic grout lines by laser-etching our tile panels to look just like ceramic tile.” Chris said. “Except ours is far more durable and non-porous, so mold can never get a foothold. Your new shower remains looking and smelling like new for decades. Once your Bath Authority shower has been installed, time spent on your hands and knees cleaning grout with a scrub brush is a thing of the past.”

Luxurious Canyon Rock smooth-cast polymer with dual rain shower heads and an over-sized base? Yes, please.

A More Fun and Casual Approach to Sales
“From its inception, The Bath Authority has been customer-focused—not just in the installation process, but in the sales process as well,” explained Kalvin Harrington, The Bath Authority’s sales manager.

“We’ve created a culture where the sales process is fun and informational. The sales consultant often remains the customer’s primary contact throughout the entire process, so we start our relationship off right. We don’t over-promise and we don’t use high-pressure sales tactics. We come to your home with a simple iPad and style samples, not a briefcase full of contracts. People enjoy our approach so much that typically we are invited to stay and design their new bath.”

Luxury Comes to Your Bath
“Our design consultants offer myriad possibilities in colors, surface textures, design, and function,” Kalvin continued. “When we leave, the customer has an accurate rendition of their new bath. This is a big deal for those who find it difficult to visualize their dream bath.

These tools and approaches make our job a pleasure. People soon realize that this very affordable fashion-forward upgrade not only increases the value of their home, it provides the pleasure of a great shower every day for years to come.”

Mimi Vanderhaven Exclusive Offer
Right now is the perfect time to have the experts at The Bath Authority renew the look of your bath or shower. In addition to getting your new bath for $99 a month and a free shower door, they’re offering a $100 Amazon gift card to anyone who has them out to design their bath, whether or not they move forward with the remodel. Visit for more information on this special promotion. Better yet, to arrange your free estimate call 216-343-1259.