Maverick Insurance Group says plan ahead: Before you rent a car, do this

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Business or pleasure, here are a few things to remember before renting a car.

By Scott Andrew Mills, Principal Agent, Maverick Insurance Group

Should I buy the rental car property insurance? It’s a question we hear a lot at the Maverick Insurance Group. I always buy it and I think you should, too, with one exception.

If you spend every week on the road and rent a lot of cars, it can get expensive and may not be worth the extra cost. But for the casual renter, it is useful. If something happens to that car, you simply call the rental company, and someone will bring you another one. It’s simple and convenient, especially on a vacation when the last thing you want to deal with is car trouble.

Scott Andrew Mills

Even if you have rental coverage with your own insurance company, you will have to deal with a claim when you get home from your trip. This is true even if the problem is not your fault. Also, a rental company can charge you for the loss of future rental fees. If they can’t rent that car, you may be responsible along with damages.

Business or pleasure, here are a few things to remember before renting a car.

  1. Always check with your automobile insurance company and see exactly what they do and do not cover in terms of rental cars.
  2. Take photos of the entire vehicle before you pull away from the lot and again when you return. We’ve heard many stories of companies claiming the renter caused damage. You want proof of how the car looked when you got it and when you returned it.
  3. Nothing covers you better than the rental company’s insurance, but if you decide against it, cover yourself with questions and photos.

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