Meet the Artist: Kim Dettmer

Let It Rain
There is positivity all around us.

By Kelli Comer

“Bringing a little bit of happy into the world, one piece at a time.”

Local artist Kim Dettmer’s mantra is evident in every one of her colorful, inspirational works of art. She started creating for herself initially, and found that when she made the time to fulfill her creative side, she became a happier person.

“I truly believe that optimism can have positive and powerful impact on everyone’s life,” Kim states.

“I hope my creations add some goodness to the world. The way I figure it, if someone smiles because they saw something I created, I have done my job.”

To convey her message of happiness, Kim’s artwork is filled with vivid colors, whimsy, playfulness and optimism.

Her pieces mainly consist of paper collage from a wide variety of mediums, such as maps, books, ledgers, magazines, postcards and more. Kim also creates her own textured and patterned paper using acrylics, colored pencils and other mediums. Recently she has been using scraps of wood as a base for her work, so much of her materials are recycled or repurposed.

There are many ways in which Kim draws inspiration for her work.

“I might notice something while on a walk, or want to capture the magic of a vacation, or I hear a phrase that speaks to me. My inspiration comes from my everyday life and experiences,” explains Kim.

Kim’s artistic background is anything but typical. Through much of her life, she didn’t think she had an artistic talent. It wasn’t until 2011, when Kim was in her early 40s, that she began to explore her love of creating art. The first artistic endeavor she took on was to illustrate Moments Meant to Savor, a picture book that she also wrote. Kim’s book was published in 2013, and thus began her journey of discovering her artistic talents.

Kim Dettmer

Through her experience, Kim realized how much she loved creating art and decided to pursue it more seriously. Since then, she has done commission work, licensed her designs to an art and wine business, participated in art shows and, most recently, held her first solo art show in Berea with work from a year-long project, the One a Week Art Challenge.

“I am inspired most when I see good in the world. In today’s day and age, it is so easy to get sucked into negative energy and that can be draining,” Kim says.

“So, I purposely look for and find positivity, then use those moments to guide my work.”

To reach Kim, you can email her at Visit her website at to learn more about the artist and her work, read her blog and shop online.

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