Meet the Artist: Laurel Herbold, Laurel Herbold Studio

Family Tree
The movement of thought, caught on canvas.

By Kelli Comer

When one puts a paintbrush to a surface, magic can happen. Magic is exactly what Laurel Herbold creates when she wields her brush on walls, floors, accessories and any surface that needs embellishing.

“I am above all a painter, but I believe that being a well-rounded artist is paramount,” Laurel explains.

“This means being familiar with as many materials as possible. I have experience in other mediums such as ceramics, jewelry fabrication, stained glass, drawing, oil, acrylic, water color, egg tempera and 3D work.”

Based in Cleveland, Laurel specializes in custom artwork, logo design and mural and floor painting. She often collaborates with interior designers and architects to develop site-specific work for residential and public spaces.


“I have been interested in the visual arts since grade school,” says Laurel.

“My work has ranged from realism to completely abstract, but I generally settle somewhere in the middle, taking everyday images such as trees or people and manipulating them into something visually rhythmic and inviting.”


Laurel is a ‘93 graduate of Bowling Green State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, specializing in fine art painting.

“Because I’m often doing commissioned work for someone else, when I do find the time to create in my studio, it’s more like play than work,” she smiles.


Laurel has been exhibiting her work in the greater Cleveland area for over 20 years, and her custom art and mural work has also made its way to California, Florida, New York and Michigan.


“By bringing experimentations and my skills together, I am able to help my clients bring their own artistic needs to fruition. It is extremely gratifying to transform a mere thought into reality,” she says.

All are welcome to visit Laurel’s studio during the monthly “Third Friday” art walks at the 78th Street Studios, located at 1305 West 80th Street, #107, in Cleveland, or by appointment. To view more of Laurel’s work or to contact her, visit or email her at