Mold travels with ease undetected within our homes and work spaces—Instant Mold Pros is here to help keep your home and workspaces healthy and safe

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Mold spores, which are invisible to the eye travel like wind-blown dandelion seeds. These invisible spores move within natural air flow patterns in homes and workspaces.

By Patricia Nugent

Masked with a cloak of invisibility, indoor air quality is one of those things you don’t think about much. But when it comes to airborne particles, if mold is present, lurking somewhere in your home, what you cannot see can harm you.

Instant Mold Pros, the Indoor Air Quality Experts take a high-tech, proactive approach to mold inspection, remediation and removal services. They are trained professionals who believe in educating homeowners about air quality awareness rather than using “scare tactics.”

“In fact, mold is present in our everyday home and work environments,” says Randy Verdi, director of business development for the family-owned company. “When there are elevated levels of mold spores, it needs to be dealt with professionally. Oftentimes, people don’t know why they are suffering from symptoms like watery eyes, runny nose, lethargy or respiratory distress. Knowledge is power. We pinpoint if mold is the cause, do a thorough home inspection, and remediate it if it’s present. We leave clients with a warranty and post-treatment verification. The homeowner ends up with peace of mind, which is priceless.”

Instant Mold Pros pinpoints if mold is present, does a thorough home inspection, and remediates it if it’s present. They also leave clients with a warranty and post-treatment verification.

Like Blowing on a Dandelion

“Mold is like a dandelion,” explains Randy. “It has three stages: flowering, fruiting, traveling. Have you ever blown on a flowered dandelion? Those seeds travel with the wind and spread everywhere. It’s the same with mold spores, which are invisible to the eye. If you can visibly detect mold at one place in your home, you can bet it is spreading somewhere else.”

Air Quality Business Development Manager Steve Chaplin says that in addition to homeowners, they do a lot of work with local Realtors, insurance agents, home inspectors, and plumbers. These professionals are often in the position that when they detect mold, they need it taken care of quickly and efficiently.

Air Quality Business Development Manager Steve Chaplin, of Instant Mold Pros, uses today’s most advanced state of the art equipment, InstaScope, which captures and displays immediate results of mold spores and air quality.

High-Tech Detection Methods

Instant Mold Pros believes in investing in the most advanced technology on the market.

“We are the only company in Northeast Ohio to work with InstaScope air sampling technology,” says Randy. “It’s like a microscope on wheels, helping us take real-time measurements of airborne contamination such as mold and bacteria. Customers can actually see the spiking on the iPad when it comes across mold spores. I would liken the difference between the InstaScope and traditional detection devices to the difference between video versus a photograph.”

Stopping Mold When it Migrates

Ryan Y. discovered mold in his basement last year when he started working out in the basement because of the pandemic.

“When I looked up, I noticed mold on my unfinished ceiling,” he says. “I called Instant Mold Pros and they handled everything, doing a complete inspection, noting the areas of mold and getting rid of it. They were very good, worked quickly and thoroughly, and didn’t leave behind any mess.”

Honesty and integrity were part of the experience, too.

“I was impressed by how professional they were. They did exactly what they said they would do,” says Ryan. “I would strongly recommend them to anyone who suspects they have a mold issue in their home.”

Randy says that what was happening in Ryan’s home is not uncommon on many of their jobs. Although the mold was concentrated in the basement, the HVAC system “acted like a megaphone” and the mold had also traveled to another room upstairs in the house, on the third floor.

This spring, when you are accomplishing all those annual home maintenance tasks, getting the carpets cleaned, having your air conditioner inspected, gutters cleaned, etc., why not schedule your annual Air Quality/Mold Assessment? You’ll breathe easier.

Instant Mold Pros is headquartered in Bedford Heights and serves Cuyahoga, Lake and Geauga counties. The service company is certified, licensed and insured. For more information visit, or get peace of mind today and contact them at 440-517-5764.