Next Level Auto Detailing can bring your car back to its like-new finish— inside and out

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In addition to interior and exterior detailing, Shawn Medina’s Next Level Auto Detailing offers PDR (Paintless Dent Removal) and window tints.

By Patricia Nugent

Through advanced systems of paint correction (machine polishing) and ceramic coatings, the top-trained techs at Next Level Auto Detailing can bring a car back to its factory finish with a mirror-like reflective shine, as well as protect it from future damage.

Founded by life-long car enthusiast Shawn Medina in 2009, the detailing shop has grown over the years, expanding its umbrella of restoration services.

On any given day, you’ll find a $200,000 Aston Martin, a sleek silver 2008 Corvette, or two-seater Audi R8 supercar in Kemora gray parked next to an everyday ride like a Toyota 4Runner.

“No matter what you drive, automobiles are increasing in value. People are taking better care of them and keeping them longer,” says Shawn. “With our PPF paint protective film coatings, cars can withstand the elements better. It’s like a coating of glass over the finish. You don’t need to wax a car after it gets a coating like this.”

Two other services that are trending include PDR (Paintless Dent Removal) and window tints.

Founded by life-long car enthusiast Shawn Medina in 2009, Next Level Auto Detailing has grown over the years, expanding its umbrella of restoration services.

Protect in Winter Weather

“With colder, snowy weather and Northeast Ohio’s onslaught of road salt that eats away at your car, you need to show it a little more TLC this time of year,” says Shawn.

Here are a few of his recommendations:

• Have your car washed once a week.

• If going to a car wash, make it a touchless laser wash, since ones with any scrubbers that touch your car can cause scratching and transfer grime from the car in front of you to your car.

• Always pay for the premium wash that includes the undercarriage of your car. These are spots where road salt can creep in and really do a number, eroding the surfaces over time.

• The best level of clean is by hand. If you don’t have time and would like a professional level of clean, including interior detailing, Next Level offers this service. It has all the equipment, like a soft pressure wash attachment, needed to get into every space of your car and undercarriage.

Cars and Cigars

“When I built a bar room in the shop a few years ago, clients began hanging out here more and more while waiting for their cars,” says Shawn. “Several people have mentioned that a cigar room would be welcomed, too, so I’m in the beginning stages of renovating an adjacent space for that. I’ve already partnered with a local cigar supplier to stock the humidor and investigated the best ventilation system to install. Accessible 24/7 via a scanner card, the lounge will have a high-end man cave vibe, complete with darts, a pool table and private lockers in which clients can store their libations.”

Once the community grows, Shawn plans to throw special events and monthly car shows. Stay tuned for grand opening announcement in 2024.

Looking to Buy or Sell?

Along with his brother Joey, Shawn founded a sister company called Vehicle Brothers of Ohio, to help people looking to buy or sell their cars.

“People often don’t know if they’ll get the best deal going to big dealerships,” he says. “Customers put their trust in our knowledge and expertise and appreciate our transparency. We do our best to make the experience stress-free and fun.”

Next Level Auto Detailing is headquartered at 601 Towpath Drive, unit D, in Broadview Heights. Shawn’s service is A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau. Call 440-476-9282 or visit or for more information.