Nutritional counseling is here

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By Kyle Hotz, ACE Owner, Founder; Higher Heights Fitness

Our mission is to maximize each client’s health and performance levels by gathering actionable data and using it to customize a program to his or her specific needs and goals.

To augment our one-on-one functional training program, I invested in the InBody 270 analyzer. And earlier this year, we welcomed physical therapist Aidan Simenc to offer another layer of care.

This month, we are introducing nutritional counseling. Training produces meaningful benefits to the body but coupling it with sound nutrition can make a remarkable difference.

Along with Assistant Manager Connor Gray, who is also a certified nutritional counselor, we will take clients through a program that begins with a scan on the InBody to find out their basal metabolic rate and see how many calories they should be eating and burning each day to reach their goals. We’ll set them up on a food-tracking app. Whether weekly or bi-weekly, in person or virtual, each 45-minute session will assess their progress.

To take things to the next level, we will also teach people how to decipher food labels and go grocery shopping with them.

This is not a fad diet, but rather a realistic plan that should last a lifetime. We don’t want people to abandon foods they love, just make healthy swaps customized to their lifestyle.

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