Painting Solutions can refresh virtually any exterior surface, just in time for the warmer temps

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Adept at beautifying all types of wood, aluminum, vinyl and brick, Painting Solutions is scheduling now for spring and summer painting and staining projects. (Photography: Felicia Vargo)

By Mary Malik

It’s the time of year to give the outside of your home a little love. And nothing says “I love you” like a cleaning, staining, painting or power washing from Painting Solutions. Schedule a service now and your home will be putting its best face forward this summer.

“Whether it’s the exterior surface of your home, patios, walkways, decks or fencing, we’ll care for it the right way,” owner Dan Peck says. “And there is a right way to preserve all of these surfaces to make sure they last longer, saving you money and hassles along the way.”

Cedar siding is a popular choice for a beautiful home exterior and deck surface, but it can be particularly sensitive to weather and must be properly maintained to preserve its beauty.

A thorough cleaning, staining and sealing is the best way to preserve your outdoor surfaces like decks, patios and fencing.

“The worst enemy of cedar is moisture,” Dan says. “And cedar is highly vulnerable to it when not prepared properly. You can’t completely avoid moisture and dampness, especially in Northeast Ohio, so a regular cleaning, staining and sealing routine is important to avoid mold and mildew buildup that will lead to costly repairs or replacement.”

One thing Dan advises against with cedar wood is power washing. He has seen the damage that can be done to cedar siding and decks by a well-meaning power wash that will damage the surface, leaving cracks that cause even more problems.

“A professional, gentle cleaning of the wood, getting rid of all debris the right way, then spraying and back brushing the surface is the proper way to maintain cedar,” Dan says. “We get rid of any mold and dirt buildup by hand, then spray the stain and brush it into the surface to be sure it reaches every nook and cranny. After drying, the topcoat is applied.”

Dan says that a cedar cleaning and staining project takes from two to five days, depending on the size of your home, and the job should be done every three to five years.

The detail-oriented team can freshen your doors and trim, first by prepping the surfaces then applying premium quality paints and stains.

“A lot depends on the location of your home and whether you’re surrounded by a lot of trees and shrubbery,” Dan says. “Obviously, the more your home is exposed to, the more regularly it will need a cleaning.”

Painting Solutions services all surfaces of your home, decks, patios and fences. And nothing around our homes takes a harder hit than the deck. Between weather, furniture, grills, pets and other animals, the deck is an all-purpose surface that absorbs a lot of stress all year long. And if your deck needs attention, it’s best to get on the Painting Solutions list now before you fire up the grill.

Dan Peck, owner of Painting Solutions

“Decks probably take the most abuse of any area of the home, inside or out,” Dan says. “The problem is we tend to ignore them until it’s time to put the furniture out. Every couple of years they need a thorough power wash and staining. Good news is there’s still time to get a cleaning and staining done before the real outdoor weather hits.”

Whatever service Painting Solutions is performing in or around your home, the knowledgeable and experienced crew treats your home with respect and takes great care to create as little a disturbance to your family as possible.

“We have been doing these services since 1997,” Dan says. “And we’ve learned how to get the job done professionally, and efficiently and leave your home better than we found it.”

To get on the schedule, call Painting Solutions at 440-342-4552, email or check the website

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