People, Product, Process: Following the key principles of business sage Marcus Lemonis, of The Profit fame, The Bath Authority has its customers loving what they do

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A beautiful bath awaits in as little as a day with your old bath and surround removed—right down to the bare studs. The Bath Authority is disrupting the bath remodeling business by offering fashion-forward luxury at prices that delight homeowners.

By Bill Yurgen

Over the years, I have had the privilege of interviewing many businesses, and you can usually tell the ones bound for success: The employees are engaged and the owners make the business about their staff and their customers rather than about themselves. These companies constantly evaluate their products and performance—not looking to criticize, but to improve. They observe business guru Marcus Lemonis’s key principles for success of people, product and process.

The Bath Authority’s PEOPLE
The Bath Authority (TBA) is my latest success find. On a recent visit, as I arrived for an interview, TBA general manager Chris Dysert pulled me aside and confidentially requested that I mention their terrific teams.

The Bath Authority can convert your tub into the shower you have been dreaming of or convert your present shower into a walk-in tub at your request. The Arctic Hopscotch walls with chrome “jewelry” and a white bench and shower base.

That’s when Chris introduced me to Todd Maynard who manages the installation teams for The Bath Authority. That means he has the critical role of assuring each installation is completed according to the timeline given the customer, that each job reaches TBA’s high standard of quality, and coordinating frequent communications with each client keeping them abreast their job.

During our meeting, one of Todd’s people needed to briefly interrupt. It was a telling moment to be sure. The team member brought in a bag of parts they had obviously been waiting on for a customer. It was just a poly bag with some screws, a handle and some sort of small hardware assembly. Insignificant to the casual observer, but important to someone wanting their dream shower installed on time. And it was decidedly important to the otherwise busy management team I was sitting with. Their level of excitement had a feel of Christmas morning. This spoke so much about the level of involvement and concern they have for every customer’s installation. This company is growing rapidly but I have a feeling that no matter how large they get, this team will always appreciate what a big deal it is for each customer to have their bath and shower redone and made beautiful.

This bath is prepared for big changes. The Bath Authority’s tubs and showers are typically roomier than the fixtures they replace. Any potential problems are addressed prior to the new installation.

The Bath Authority’s PROCESS
Speaking of parts, Chris and Todd share how they make sure every master installation crew arrives at every job with precisely the correct parts they need to complete the job. “We use multiple checklists and we have developed a drive-through loading system so each truck loads and off-loads with maximum efficiency. All necessary installation parts are there as the installation requires them.”

A Local Apprenticeship Program
TBA also started its own apprenticeship program. “Our installation team members are trained specific to our business,” Chris and Todd added. “Our people come to the job professionally dressed, know exactly what to do, and—important for the homeowner—how to keep any disturbance to a minimum. Since we promote from within, these employees are all potential crew leaders and perhaps someday branch managers.”

This decidedly stunning transformation fits most all bathroom styles and provides an instant boost in cachet.

Your New Bath Installed in as Little as a Day
When TBA’s team of certified, white-glove master bath installers arrive, they keep their level of intrusion to an absolute minimum. However, they do stay in close communication with the homeowners to keep them abreast of their progress. Often this is done by texts.

For those who say they can never get in touch with their contractor, Kalvin Harrington, The Bath Authority’s sales manager, explains how the company has refined the process. “Before, during and after the initial sale communications are an area we have streamlined for our customer’s benefit,” he says. “We can text, email, call. Sometimes one spouse prefers to email while the other may like to text. Either way they’ll find our response straightforward, polite, and timely. If we have a problem at our end, we are in touch immediately. We want people to know that their beautiful new bath is every bit as important to us as it is to them.

Advanced Design Software
On TBA’s first visit, they create an accurate visual representation of what the new bath will look like after being designed with the owners’ help. “Our advanced software removes the difficulties in visualizing a blueprint,” Kalvin says.

This dated and depressing tub is seen before and during the remodel.

The Bath Authority’s PRODUCT
“Of course, the product is the fun part of our business’” Kalvin adds. “It’s what our customers will be delighting in using for decades. We’ve had potential clients who were hesitant, thinking, ‘Oh, my tub and shower leak and are too far gone. I could never have anything as nice as what you’re showing me.’ But we do it all the time. Sometimes we’re replacing fiberglass showers and tubs in production homes that are as little as five years old. Other times we are replacing very aged and rusty cast iron tubs in century homes. Any leaks are hiding water damage which means mold is likely present. We fix all that and you never have to worry about those problems again.”

Now a clean-looking and easy-to-clean tub and shower combination, this bath will be beautiful for years to come.

Stays Beautiful, Cleans Easily
“What makes our showers so special is their beauty,” Chris adds. “Along with beautiful design and the largest variety of high-tech polymer colors for tubs and walls, you get all of the beauty of tile without the cracking that plagues gel-coat fiberglass tub and shower combos. You won’t have the spider webbing and cracking that leads to a fast decline in your fixture’s appearance and structural integrity. And, unlike tile, which uses porous grout, you don’t have the problem of mold taking root. Our laser-etched grout lines have all the appearance of the real thing with virtually no maintenance. Cleaning is simple with a vinegar and water solution or a mild dish detergent and water. That’s it.”

Mimi Vanderhaven Exclusive Offer
Right now is the perfect time to have the experts at The Bath Authority renew the look of your bath or shower. In addition to getting your new bath for $99 a month and a free shower door, they’re offering a $100 Amazon gift card to anyone who has them out to design their bath, whether or not they move forward with the remodel.

Visit for more information on this special promotion. Or to arrange your free estimate, call 216-343-1259.