Perfect Power Wash is ready to meet the demand of all homeowners in Northeast Ohio to protect their driveways

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Nick Adams, Operations Manager at Perfect Power Wash, prepares a driveway for an application of Weather Guarding Sealer.

By Randal Vanderhaven

With winter right around the corner, there are a myriad of tasks every homeowner should perform. Last weekend, we should have all changed our smoke alarm batteries along with our furnace filter with the time change. If you’ve got a chimney in your home, it’s time to close the damper and shut the flue, except for when you’re relaxing by the fire.

For your concrete driveway, it’s time to clean and seal it with Perfect Power Wash and their Weather Guarding Sealer.

As water freezes, it expands—pushing contaminants further into the pores of your concrete, leading to cracking, chipping and pitting. Repair bills for concrete are easily thousands of dollars, notwithstanding the tens of thousands of dollars it costs to replace an entire driveway.

A regular deep cleaning of your concrete is necessary to maintain its appearance—but concrete cleaning isn’t just for aesthetics. Rain, sleet, and snow carry dirt and other contaminants into the pores of your concrete. Perfect Power Wash cleans your concrete driveway with a deep clean, instantly removing built up contaminants that make your driveway look dingy. The thorough cleaning is a prep for their sealer.

Weather Guarding Sealer is the absolute best protection for your driveway. Because it’s a hydrophobic sealer (water repelling), ice and water can’t carry dirt, mold, and salt inside the pores of your concrete. Since those contaminants are also less likely to get into the concrete, it stays protected and looking great.

The Weather Guarding Sealer offered by Perfect Power Wash is a specially formulated blend of silane and siloxane compounds that chemically react with the silicate found in all concrete surfaces. That chemical bond forms below the surface of your concrete to create an insoluble, water-repellent barrier. It also does not affect the appearance or breathability of your concrete, and won’t fade, discolor, crack, or peel. It’s the perfect sealer for your driveway.

To protect your driveway today, call Perfect Power Wash at 330-645-8098 or 440-984-6402.