Peters Professional Landscaping offers a fantastic array of landscaping and outdoor living improvements designed to make your piece of the outdoors great

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Nothing is as pristine and inviting as a freshly mulched yard. Peters Professional Landscaping uses the shade and shred to bring out the best in your landscaping and home. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Patricia Nugent

People are putting the dollars that might have gone toward last year’s lost vacations into their own backyard. Peters Professional Landscaping is ready for them.

“I would call 2020 the year of the outdoor living room and kitchen,” says Peters’ founder Chris Peters. “And so far, this year shows no signs of stopping. People have become accustomed to doing their entertaining at home.”

Over the past 29 years, Chris has put all the pieces in place to be a one-stop shop for people who want to beautify and make the most of their own great outdoors, from landscaping design and maintenance, to putting in patios, pergolas, pavilions; outdoor kitchens and bars with built-in grills, refrigerators and sinks; fireplaces and firepits to gather around; soothing water features, fountains and ponds; as well as spectacular outdoor fixtures to light it up at night. They also offer a super-durable Amish-made line of outdoor furniture, including dining tables and chairs, rockers, gliders and swings.

“We’re seeing a lot of demand for pavilions as more and more people are putting televisions outside, creating al fresco living rooms,” he says. “And they are adding heaters so they can make the most of it in early spring and well into fall.”

Something a Little Different
Each year, Chris likes to tap into his expansive stock of grown-in-Ohio landscaping trees, bushes, shrubs and flowers to bring unique things to the area you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

“When we sit down with folks, we ask a lot of questions to help us put together a design that is truly reflective of their tastes,” he says. “We also orchestrate a landscape that will bloom colorfully spring, summer and fall, programmed to thrive in our climate. We enjoy meeting new customers and showing them all that is possible.”

Your Yard’s Unsung Hero
Nothing is as pristine and inviting as a freshly mulched yard. The right shade and shred can bring out the best in your landscaping and home.

“Beyond looks, mulch serves several important functions for landscaping, from retaining moisture to feeding plants, shrubs and trees by slowly releasing beneficial bacteria and microorganisms that enrich the soil beneath it,” says Chris. “Mulch also suppresses weeds and stops grass from creeping into your beds.”

Last year the forward-thinking gentlemen at Peters Professional Landscaping introduced the Mulch Mule, a novel piece of machinery that has a dispensary chute to evenly discharge perfectly fluffed and aerated mulch into wheelbarrows.

He says that over the past couple years, homeowners have also been asking for river rock or decorative rock to use in place of mulch.

“This looks great and lasts four to eight years. The only downfall is that rocks do not break down and feed your plant material, so you have to do that yourself two to three times per year,” he says.

Thanks to the Mulch Mule applicator truck—which has a dispensary chute to load the product into wheelbarrows, utility vehicles and front-end loaders—mulch is properly fluffed and spread evenly. He says their lawn care experts turn the existing mulch if it’s there to aerify it before laying a good two- to three-inch coating over it.

Chris says the sooner you get on their schedule, the better, as their phone will be ringing off the hook by April and May.

“This can be back-breaking work if you do it yourself, and more expensive in the end if you buy bags here and there as you go along,” he says. “Mulching is best left to the professionals.”

To round out their services, Peters also offers spring yard clean-up, weekly maintenance work and mowing.

Based in Medina, Peters Professional Landscaping is located at 7080 Wooster Pike. They serve homes, businesses and HOAs throughout Northeast Ohio and enjoy an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Store hours are Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, call 330-722-8884 or visit