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A Final Thought: Has Anyone Seen My iPhone?

Hurricane Ida Update: In last month’s column I published excerpts of messages from my cousin about how devastating Hurricane Ida had been to southern Louisiana, and I included the address of her local VFW Auxiliary in case Mimi readers wanted to help. Well, help you did. At last count, kind readers, you have donated $9,800 to the VFW...

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Looking for a videographer?

In the past decade as high speed internet access has found its way into the palms of our hands, video has become an essential marketing tool. And while video production can be as easy as turning on your cell phone camera, there are other times when professional videography services are required, including studio production, creative lighting, and...

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Your concrete is worth protecting

It’s hard to imagine but Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away, and that means it’s our last chance to take care of some essential home maintenance tasks. These include having the furnace cleaned and checked, sealing drafts in windows and doors, having the fireplace inspected, checking the smoke detector batteries, cleaning the gutters,...

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Fall is the ideal time to replace your roof and protect your home from the icy grip of winter

If you’ve waited all spring and summer to think about replacing your roof, I have good news: Fall is the ideal time to replace your roof. The summer rush is over yet there are still plenty of daylight hours so workers can start early and stay late. Plus, no one has to worry about spring rains or scorching summer heat interrupting progress...

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Getting the most out of FairlawnGig, or any other high-speed ISP

If you’re lucky enough to live in the Fairlawn area and subscribe to FairlawnGig, the popular municipal broadband service, then you know how wonderful it is to have blazing fast, reliable internet service. This has been especially important during the past 18 months when so many of us began working from home and relying on multiple devices...

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