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A Final Thought: Facebook thinks I'm black

With all of the recent reporting about the inappropriate sharing of our Facebook data, I decided to find out what advertising categories the company has placed me in based on how I use the site. This information is buried so it takes a few clicks to get to it. Here’s how: • From the mobile app: Click the menu button which shows up as...

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A Final Thought: Waiting on the DNA results

When my mother passed away back 2012, she had been the keeper of the family’s genealogical records. She had written several books about our lineage and once served as the president of the Snipes Family of America, an association dedicated to researching the Snipes family which hails from England. At one point I was the editor of the...

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A Final Thought: "Thank God it was you."

A few years ago, before my parents passed away, they were having dinner at their favorite Italian restaurant in my hometown of Columbus, Georgia, when a flush-mount speaker fell out of the ceiling and hit Mom on the head. Speakers, as you may know, contain a heavy magnet and the blow knocked her unconscious for a moment. Mom and Dad had eaten...

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Here’s how Mandel JCC helps our entire community—including you—get in shape and stay in shape

We all know the importance of exercise. It improves energy, reduces stress, extends our lives and prevents disease better than any pharmaceutical ever made—yet we still don’t do it. Look, I have an expensive elliptical at home in my basement and, honestly, it sits there gathering dust while I’m on the sofa binge-watching...

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A Final Thought: Starbucks is the devil

For 15 years now, Mimi Vanderhaven has been true to her mission of improving business diversity by shining the spotlight on quality, locally owned businesses, most of whom suffer from “the 500-foot rule.” That is, local businesses often can’t afford the high rent district so they locate a bit farther away. For example, wherever...

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