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With clean windows, you can brighten your own home and bring the outside in

Dirty windows are easily apparent in your vehicle. Drive east on I-480 during sunrise and you can’t miss the grime, smudges, bird droppings, dog saliva (maybe that’s just me), and who knows what else blocking your view in the morning light. Once the windows are clean, however, you feel like you’re driving a brand-new vehicle. Consider...

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Homeowners who relax and take their time in designing a new outdoor living space enjoy the process and are more satisfied with the finished project

One of the big societal changes that Covid-19 has helped escalate is an emphasis on the home as a place to relax and enjoy time with our friends and family. Rather than spending money on resort vacations, beach houses, and cruises, more of us are investing in creating similar experiences in our own backyard—with patios, fireplaces, ponds,...

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To ensure a free-flowing spring, right now is the time to schedule an inspection of your drainage system and clear it of roots and debris

Where I grew up in south Georgia and Alabama, most homes were built on concrete foundations. We didn’t have basements because there was little danger of freezing pipes. But here in Northeast Ohio, virtually every home has a basement, accompanied by a complex systems of pipes and drains designed to keep that basement safe and dry. Most...

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It’s not too late to get your new roof installed before winter

Autumn leaves are falling and the snow is not far behind. If you think you may need a new roof, now is the time to find out. Heavy snows and melting ice can damage weakened roofs and send water into your home and attic. And according to Mike Farist, founder of the award-winning Roofsmith Restoration, he can still get your roof done before the...

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A Final Thought: Road Rage

In the early 2000s, when my youngest daughter turned 15 and a half and received her Ohio BMV learner’s permit, the task of teaching her to drive fell to me. Not only had I successfully taught her older sister, I had also learned driving from my own father: “To make sure you’re in the center of your lane, line up the hood ornament with the...

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