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Authentic French dining in the heart of Medina at Sérénité

Brandon Chrostowski is younger than his graying hair suggests and he’s tall, with a fast, high-energy personality that may very well keep him thin forever. He jogs up and down the narrow stairwells at both of his Cleveland-area French restaurants and is forced to duck his head to avoid striking the low ceilings in the tiny transition...

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A Final Thought: Father's Day

When I was a kid, my father taught me how to clean a fish and shuck an oyster, how to sharpen a pocketknife and a lawnmower blade, and how to change the oil in a Buick. He taught me how to throw a football in a perfect spiral and smoke a pork butt using hickory nuts. On Father’s Day, we celebrated him with new socks and underwear (he...

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A Final Thought: Of gnomes and things

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s taken spring a long time to arrive in Northeast Ohio, as if the sun’s annual coaxing of hostas, clematis and Solomon’s seal out of the cold ground has been unusually difficult, like trying to rouse a teenager out of bed. According to Northeast Ohio horticulturist Michelle Riley, CLT, the flora really are...

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A Final Thought: Facebook thinks I'm black

With all of the recent reporting about the inappropriate sharing of our Facebook data, I decided to find out what advertising categories the company has placed me in based on how I use the site. This information is buried so it takes a few clicks to get to it. Here’s how: • From the mobile app: Click the menu button which shows up as...

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A Final Thought: Waiting on the DNA results

When my mother passed away back 2012, she had been the keeper of the family’s genealogical records. She had written several books about our lineage and once served as the president of the Snipes Family of America, an association dedicated to researching the Snipes family which hails from England. At one point I was the editor of the...

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