Pristine Clean employs a team of highly-trained, uniformed professionals who perform a thorough cleaning while being respectful of you, your family and your property

Pristine Roof View
The Pristine Clean House Wash includes a soft pressure wash using a mildewcide, which helps remove the grime, including algae and bacteria that can destroy your siding’s UV coating. Pristine also applies gloss-enhanced surface protection that makes your home shine.

By Mitch Allen

One of my favorite quotes is:

“How you do one thing is how you do everything.”

That means if you regularly have the oil changed in your car, then you probably also change the filter in your furnace on time. And if you take your vehicle through the car wash when it’s dirty, then you probably have your home power washed, too.

And that’s a good thing, especially now that a thick coating of spring pollen is blending with mildew, algae and good ol’ winter grime to destroy the luster of your home’s siding.

Right now is peak season for pressure washing. You see the ads everywhere. So how do you know which company to choose? Well, my daughter recently contacted a popular powering washing company only to be hounded for a week by an overly aggressive salesperson.

“Dad, he kept calling me day and night and lowering the price,” she said. “It was creepy. Why didn’t he just give me that price in the first place? I finally demanded to speak with his supervisor and he promised not to call back.”

When I told this story to Pristine Clean co-founders Ken Wilson and Anthony Alberino, they looked at each other knowingly.

“We hear that all the time,” Ken said. “Based on our surveys, a lot of our clients say that they chose us simply because our people were the nicest. They say things like, ‘I liked the way you talked to me.’ We love hearing that.”

“It’s kind of ironic,” Anthony added. “We’re in the pressure washing business, yet our sales process is decidedly low pressure. Plus, we don’t play those pricing games. We quote our best price up front.”

Since Ken and Anthony founded Pristine Clean, the company’s growth has skyrocketed, particularly over the past three years. I promised not to reveal the numbers, but let’s just say that their year-over-year growth curve looks a lot like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

It’s almost a vertical line.

“It’s not rocket science,” Ken said. “It’s about doing a good job at a fair price and treating people with respect. After all, the homeowner invited us and we’re on their property. It’s common courtesy.”

It’s like singer/songwriter Nick Lowe said:

“What’s so funny ‘bout peace, love and understanding?”

Pristine Clean specializes in cleaning and protecting your roof, siding and concrete. Let’s look at all three:

Protecting Your Siding
Without regular maintenance, important parts of your home break down and have to be replaced.

“Many homeowners are surprised to learn that vinyl siding is not completely maintenance-free, “Anthony explained.

“Sure, you don’t have to paint it, but you do have to clean it. Vinyl siding features a UV coating that prevents it from fading and cracking. Grime—that is, dirt, algae and bacteria—break down this coating causing your siding to fade and look chalky. It’s designed to be maintained, not with high-pressure blasting, but with soft pressure. We perform a soft-pressure wash using sodium hydrochlorate, which helps remove the grime and kill the algae and bacteria.”

Pristine also applies gloss-enhanced surface protection.

“It’s this special surfactant that makes your house look so shiny,” Anthony said, adding that the north- and east-facing sides of Northeast Ohio homes are particularly susceptible to grime. “Imagine never having your car washed or waxed. It would eventually destroy the finish.”

Protecting Your Roof
Those black streaks on your roof aren’t dirt, stains from tree debris, or even unsightly mildew. They are gloeocapsa magma, an ancient algae that breaks down your roof by feeding off of the limestone granules embedded in the shingles.

“Gloeocapsa magma can dramatically reduce the life of your roof,” Anthony cautions.

“If you see black streaks on your roof, give us a call. We offer a 100% guarantee to remove all of the algae. We use a soft wash here, too, to avoid damage to your roof. And when that algae comes off, people say, ‘Wow, it looks like a new roof.’”

Protecting Your Driveway
Northeast Ohio’s harsh winters chip away at our concrete sidewalks and driveways. That’s because concrete is porous, so when water penetrates your driveway then freezes, it creates cracking and flaking.

“The freeze-thaw cycle is especially damaging these days,” Anthony says. “It doesn’t get cold and stay cold like it used to; it’s constantly freezing then warming up all winter, magnifying the traditional freeze-thaw cycle. It’s like a jack-hammer on your concrete.”

Pristine’s Concrete Clean and Seal—which protects concrete, brick, and paver surfaces—includes a pressure wash of your concrete with a walk-behind surface cleaner and the application of a biodegradable cleanser to gently lift and remove surface marks and contaminants. Then comes an application of a deep-penetrating, siloxane-based concrete sealant, which is absorbed into the concrete to protect the driveway and preserve its longevity. The side benefit is that the process leaves your surfaces free of ugly mildew and moss, particularly in shady areas.

Save Money Right Now
Pristine Clean employs a flat-rate pricing policy so no one in its organization is motivated to do what so many home improvement companies do: quote you an inflated price then hope you don’t negotiate down.

“Forging trust with our customer is our top priority so we don’t rely on tricks or gimmicks. Educating the customer is key because the more you know about power washing, the more likely you are to choose us. We offer our best price to every customer up front, period.”

Right now Pristine is offering the best price of the season: $70 off any single service; $100 off two services; or $130 off all three services—siding, roof and concrete.

Headquartered in Berea, Pristine Clean beautifies homes throughout Northeast Ohio. They are consistent winners of the Angie’s List Super Service Award and are A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau. Call 440-454-7041 to arrange for a free estimate, or visit All technicians are bonded, insured and certified by the Power Washers of North America.