Professional tree work handled by certified arborists: Here’s why so many people prefer Titan Arbor Care

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Because they understand how trees should work in a yard, the Titan Arbor Care team works to preserve and appropriately beautify, rather than rip down and remove. (Photography: Francis Angelone)

By Adam Cook

In and around Medina County, Titan Arbor Care goes above and beyond to guard clients’ yards.

That’s a promise certified arborists Jay Dalton, Jeremy Rolf, and Tyler Honsaker stand by.

Last year, when the owner of First Choice Tree Work retired, the trio bought out the company they had worked for since 2013.

Now, under their new banner, it’s easy to spot why the experienced team of tree care specialists cuts such a unique profile. Just look at their helmets.

The trio of certified arborists behind Titan Arbor Care includes L-R: Tyler Honsaker, Jeremy Rolf, and Jay Dalton. They bring a professional approach to every job.

“We’re all on the same wavelength,” says Jay. “We have the same high level of education, and we can communicate wirelessly through our helmets without all the screaming and yelling you might hear from other crews.”

Armed with an array of tools, they safely take down enormous oaks, maples, and any other manner of tree that threatens a home’s integrity, while leaving a faint footprint.

“We have over 200 feet of planking we can put down to protect the yard, and our equipment is compact and lightweight enough to move around with minimal disruption,” says Jay.

The team does one better than most.

“Our stump grinding machine is portable, fits through a 36-inch gate and goes deep enough to where we’re sure we’re going to get the whole thing out,” says Jay. “We take every step to leave your yard better than we found it. We give the option to haul away the grindings, spread fresh topsoil, and plant grass right away. So, you’re left with a nice clean finished yard. If we didn’t, to us, it would seem like an incomplete job.”

Titan Arbor Care stands out from other tree care providers.

“Everyone says free estimates, but we say quote. Unless the scope of work changes, we won’t change the price,” says Jay.

Although it’s difficult to part with a beloved tree, sometimes removal is the only option—but not always.

“A tree is either a benefit or hindrance,” says Jay. “Some think the only answer is removal, and there might be other options such as corrective pruning, or there might be an injection or a treatment of some type. It’s hard to replace a mature tree, we’d rather prune it than remove it, and if it’s not worth it, we’ll tell you.”

Some think the only answer is tree removal, and there might be other options such as corrective pruning, or there might be an injection or a treatment of some type.

Trees grow differently in a residential setting—crowns are more prominent, and branches grow broader and closer to the ground. Pruning keeps trees healthier longer, removes dangerous dead wood, and gives the experts a birds-eye view to diagnose abnormalities.

“You want to be able to envision a bird flying through the crown,” says Jay. “If you can’t, you want to prune overgrown limbs, letting the wind flow through, and reduce or remove heavy limbs, so they don’t tear into the trunk because then you’ll have to take the whole tree down.”

The owners of Titan Arbor Care stand by their promise.

“Our owners are in three different school districts, Brunswick, Cloverleaf and Wadsworth, and we’re real proud of where we live,” says Jay.

As the neighborhood overwatch, they credit the real heroes, offering a discount to those who served in the military and seniors.

“It’s a small price to pay for the huge price that those groups have given, whether it’s a single year in the service or a lifetime,” says Jay. “The average 60- or- 70-year-old has sacrificed much more than Jeremy, Tyler, and I do by giving them a discount on work we’re lucky enough to have them call us to do.”

Guard your yard. Titan Arbor Care is standing by. Call 216-586-6955, Monday-Friday, between 8 a.m.-6 p.m. for your free quote. For a complete list of services, including deer repellant, tree planting and discount firewood, visit