Protecting your teeth from Easter sweets

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Despite a festive connotation with Easter, no kid wants to wake up to a basket of carrots.

By Dr. Chrys Constantinou, Westlake Dental Associates

This time of year you might be forgiven for thinking the Easter Bunny is in cahoots with the Tooth Fairy, yet in reality, we know the true culprits.

While the kids are tucked asleep, parents are piling sugary sweets to the brims of Easter baskets. But who can blame moms and dads for wanting to recreate the childhood joy they remember on Easter morning?

Besides the stomach aches that typically accompany late Easter mornings-best not remembered-there's another reason parents should be more mindful of this once-a-year seemingly innocent indulgence.

Sugar in our diet will feed bacteria in the mouth, and the acidic waste of bacteria contributes to plaque and tooth decay. Our bodies will normally combat the effects of bacterial acid and plaque through the neutralizing defenses in our saliva and the hard enamel layer around our teeth.

However, these defenses are only effective in short bursts of eating. If we have a steady trickle of sugar throughout the day—especially the sticky Jelly Bellies and gooey Cadbury Creme eggs—our teeth will be much more susceptible to decay.

Despite a festive connotation with Easter, no kid wants to wake up to a basket of carrots.

So this year, consider an electric toothbrush wedged next to the chocolate bunny in the Easter basket, and remind children to brush after enjoying their treats!

Filling an Easter basket with candy in a context that actively promotes good oral health is a far better than a dentist filling cavities any day!

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