QC Kinetix is one of the only practices in the area to offer medically supervised Regenerative Therapy treatments for joint pain. Does it work? Just ask Bernie Kosar

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After receiving regenerative treatment at QC Kinetix to address joint pain he’d been struggling with, former quarterback Bernie Kosar’s results were impressive enough to make him want to partner with the growing practices in Northeast Ohio.

By Patricia Nugent

During his 12 seasons in the NFL, Cleveland sports legend Bernie Kosar racked up 23,301 yards throwing a staggering 3,365 passes. Unfortunately, he also racked up concussions and injuries that forced him to sit on the sideline at different points in his career.

Now in his 50s, Bernie has no plans of sitting on the sideline again when it comes to his health. After receiving regenerative treatment at QC Kinetix to address joint pain he’d been struggling with, his results were impressive enough to make him want to partner with the growing practices in Northeast Ohio.

“It’s always exciting to partner with a company when you’ve experienced firsthand the quality and effectiveness of their products,” he says. “I stand behind QC Kinetix to recommend them to anyone suffering from chronic joint pain or limited mobility.”

The team at QC Kinetix uses Natural Biologics to help treat chronic joint pain. Pictured L-R: Darnell Rouse, Lutrenia Benson, George Scullin, Dr Aaron Wolkoff, Jessica Gross and Charlene Wood. (Photography: Francis Angelone)

Treating the Root Cause
The practice’s medical director Dr. Aaron Wolkoff says his background in sports medicine, and as a college soccer player who had to nurse a nasty knee injury, uniquely qualifies him to oversee the natural regenerative treatments.

“By the time patients come to us, they’ve often exhausted traditional medical methodology such as pain meds, anti-inflammatories and steroid injections,” he says. “And most of them with musculoskeletal ailments would like to avoid joint replacement surgeries. Or maybe they’ve had surgeries that haven’t worked. We offer a concierge level of customized care that works with the body’s own natural functioning to bring about healing.”

Many of the patients QC Kinetix treats suffer from arthritis, tendinitis and pain in the low back, knees, elbows, shoulders, hips, feet and ankles and wrists, as well as sports injuries.

Dr. Wolkoff explains that once he has reviewed the patient’s history and assessed the pain or injury, a custom treatment protocol is recommended for the area being treated. They then isolate the autologous healing properties and growth factors from the patient’s body, concentrate them, and inject them back into the affected area. A Class IV laser is also utilized to help increase blood flow and decrease inflammation to the tissue before each injection.

"Our Natural Biologic treatments work to decrease inflammation, halt the further breakdown of soft tissue and cartilage, while repairing the damage within the joint or area being treated" he says.

After the first treatment, the protocol includes four more injections that take place over five months. Everything is done at the practice. Nothing is sent out to any labs for processing.

“We don’t mask the pain, but help repair the root cause of it,” says Patient Advisor George Scullin. “Our patients have experienced fantastic outcomes and lasting relief. Our success rate with our patients is very high.. We’ve treated patients who were immobile and were able to get back into their active lives again, swinging a golf club and playing with their grandchildren.”

With increasing demand for regenerative services, the number of practices has grown over the past several years, with more than 200 in the country and more slated to open in the near future.

“Other clinics in the Cleveland area may be starting to offer some level of regenerative care,” says George. “But we aren’t seeing anyone go above and beyond our protocols.”

QC Kinetix is located at 25200 Center Ridge Road, Suite 3200, in Westlake; 3619 Park East Drive, Suite 209, in Beachwood; and 6701 Rockside Road, Suite 360, in Independence. Call 216-859-4701 or or visit QCKinetix.com for more information. Financing options are available to cover treatment cost.