Refined Aesthetics explains what you didn’t know about dermal fillers

Refined Aesthetics Jessica
Jessica Robinson, APRN, CRNA, owner of Refined Aesthetics (Photography: Felicia Vargo)

By Mary Malik

Naturally ageless, never overdone. That’s the goal of Jessica Robinson, APRN, CRNA, owner of Refined Aesthetics, when administering services at her cosmetic treatment spa.

“I want to enhance your natural beauty and have people say, ‘what have you been up to’ and not think, ‘what did you do?’” Jessica says. “Dermal fillers are a great option to replace the volume in your face that decreases with aging.”

As we age, our facial bone structure changes and the fat pads in our face begin to deflate, starting at age 16. Dermal fillers can build up the facial framework to avoid that hollow look in the cheeks, lines around the mouth and the dreaded nasolabial folds. With every treatment Jessica offers, her first priority is safety.

“Every filler has different properties,” Jessica says. “It’s important to have a knowledgeable medical professional administering fillers who understands the vasculature of the face. Some fillers shouldn’t be used in certain areas. Improperly placed filler can result in severe bruising, pain, lumpiness and other complications.”

Jessica uses both reversible and non-reversible fillers in her practice. The benefit of reversible fillers is that the substance can be dissolved.

“Knowledge is power. There are always some risks with injections, and I make sure my clients understand every possible outcome before any treatment.”

Jessica also offers the Radiesse Neck Wash—a series of three treatments where thin layers of filler are placed under the chin in the submental area to tighten the neck without adding bulk.

“The filler is diluted and results in a smooth, tighter look over time,” Jessica says. “Fillers are a great way to smooth, add volume and help slow the aging process.”

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