Refresh your cabinets in the new year

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AFTER: Neubert Painting removes all doors and drawers and takes them back to its shop for a professional spray coating that has a hard as nails finish. The result is a factory finish that the average paint company cannot duplicate.

By Beth Newcomb

As someone who went through a very expensive kitchen remodel, I can tell you if I’d have had the opportunity to have my cabinets refinished instead of replaced I’d have jumped at it.

That’s because cabinet refinishing, says John Neubert, owner of Neubert Painting, can save a homeowner thousands of dollars off the cost of refacing or replacement.

“When it comes to a kitchen remodel, replacing the cabinets averages about $15,000-$20,000 and up,” John says. “And that’s just for the cost of the cabinets. Labor can add several thousand dollars more to the project. Just by having your cabinets refinished, you can change the entire look of your space for a fraction of the cost—in less than a week.”

But if you’ve ever picked up a brush and paint can and attempted to paint anything resembling wood yourself, you’ve already learned that painting is a highly technical process—particularly when it comes to cabinets.

“Our team uses a systematic approach to achieve a hard as nails durable finish,” John stresses. “Our craftsmen take old wood cabinets and make them look like new. The quality of our finishes are amazing. I see these cabinet doors and drawers in our drying racks daily. I love to touch and feel the silky smooth finished product. They look and feel like new.”

So how much does it cost to have Neubert Painting professionally refinish your existing cabinets? A budget-friendly $4,000-$5,000 John says. Plus, every job is protected by Neubert’s five-year, no-fault, no-excuses guarantee.


You have only one chance to do a cabinet refinish job right. A failed job that peels cannot be fixed. There are no second chances. Lack of proper planning, including priming and prep work that isn’t done properly, are also big culprits. “If not done properly, your kitchen cabinet refinishing job will be peeling in no time,” John says. “And the worst part is, it can’t always be fixed. One homeowner who called us in to fix the paint job of another contractor ended up having to buy all new cabinets because we couldn’t repair the damage that had been done. That’s how important it is to choose the right company.”

Mary M. from Westlake decided to go with Neubert Painting for her cabinet refinishing instead of a remodel. “I just thought it would be a better use of my time and resources,” she states. “And I really enjoyed having Ron in my home for a week. He was clean and neat and arrived on time. It took just five days and the results are extremely professional.”

But Mary’s project wasn’t completed entirely on-site. Most of it happened back at Neubert’s paint shop.

The Neubert paint team removes all doors and drawers and takes them back to the shop where they’re prepped with a Festool dustless sanding system before painting. All knobs and pulls are removed and labeled so they can be reinstalled.

Cabinets are de-glossed with a strong cleaner and any oil or grease on the cabinets is removed. A specialty bonding primer is used before your doors and drawers are finished with a hard-as-nails factory finish applied in two coats.

“This is the same type of coating that is used in cabinet manufacturing so it’s more durable and lasts longer,” John reveals. “And because we spray our finish on, it produces a high-quality result.”

If you’re ready to save thousands of dollars on the cost of a kitchen update, you can call Neubert Painting at 216-529-0360 to schedule an estimate. Learn more about this locally recognized company at Neubert also specializes in wood home exteriors, aluminum siding refinishing and interior painting.

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