Repairing luxury brand appliances is a job for the pros at Home Appliance Sales & Service

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Home Appliance Sales and Service is opening a new store in Avon in June 2019. They are experts in the sales and service of luxury appliance brands like Thermadore, Wolf and Sub-Zero.

By Bill Yurgen

Appreciating the finer things in life means appreciating fine design, precision-crafted mechanicals, an attention to detail and cutting-edge technology that’s often years before its time. Appreciating those finer things often also means maintenance may be a bit more involved, and when the need for repairs arises, a more skilled hand will most likely be necessary.

If you have a luxury appliance like a BlueStar range or a Thermador refrigerator, or any of the many fine high-end appliances available in the U.S. market for people with discerning taste, you likely made your purchase because its design is timeless—and its quality rock solid.

As with all things, at some point your fine appliance will be in need of repair. If it is, you want to be certain the repair service you employ is factory trained and experienced in dealing with the complexities that make high-end appliances uniquely special in how they operate. You might also want to make sure they have access to any necessary parts for your brand. For some appliance repair companies, that might be a tall order.

If you ever find yourself in need of such an expert repair service, I suggest you contact Home Appliance Sales and Service first for a number of reasons.

First, the company began doing business strictly as an appliance repair company back in 1962. That alone speaks volumes for any small, locally owned business that has survived the ups and downs of the economy and consumer buying habits since then.

Second, Home Appliance Sales and Service sells a considerable number of luxury appliance brands. Their company culture is thoroughly immersed in what makes products from brands like Thermador, Wolf, Sub-Zero, BlueStar, Verona, SKS and others better than the average appliance. Naturally, their newly enlarged parts department stands ready to provide swift delivery of parts other companies may not have access to.

Third, the company is not only a luxury appliance business. They’ve grown by offering a wide variety of products at prices that are more than fair. When it comes to service, the same philosophy of fairness and value is their way of doing business.

Home Appliance Sales and Service’s Brunswick Showroom is located at 1997 Pearl Rd. Call 330-225-5807 for service or for more information. Learn more at In June 2019, Home Appliance will be opening a new Avon showroom located at 1180 Jaycox Rd.