Rescue Me Pawsome Style could use a little help saving lives

Piper 1 U
Rescue dog Piper before

By Patricia Nugent

We are currently going through a “dog-demic.” Shelters are overloaded with dogs that people bought during the pandemic and, for one reason or another, ended up not wanting.

For these poor pups, and others who have been injured, abused or abandoned, a local nonprofit is making waves nationally to find them a home.

Meet Martha Ball. Even as a young girl, she was always bringing home strays. Martha founded Rescue Me Pawsome Style in 2018 and rescues about 150 dogs each year.

Piper after Rescue Me Pawsome Style stepped in.

“I started rescuing dogs and working with shelters and veterinarians to try to rehabilitate them with the goal of finding them a forever home,” she says. “I make sure each dog’s mental and physical health is addressed before placing them with a foster or adopter.”

Martha goes all over the country to bring these unfortunate animals to Medina. “I also interact with homeless people to make sure they are fed and taking care of their dogs,” she says. “You’d be surprised how much these people love their pets and care for them. I provide food and medical care if needed.”

She explains the current need is urgent. “I will go anywhere to save a dog,” she says. “In addition to Medina and downtown Cleveland, I’ve rescued animals from as far as Las Vegas and Puerto Rico.”

“I rescue stray dogs as well as injured, abused, starving and pregnant dogs,” she says. “It breaks my heart to think they may otherwise have been euthanized.”

Rescue Me Pawsome Style is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charity. To see some of the success stories and donate for specific rescued dogs, visit the Facebook page Rescue Me Pawsome Style INC. To speak with Martha Ball directly, call 216-825-1000 or email

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