Rolling Thunder Window Cleaning and Power Washing is a one-call source for a long list of home maintenance services

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The team of professionals at Rick Winrod’s Rolling Thunder Window Cleaning & Pressure Washing safely and effectively cleans siding, roofs, concrete and more—at affordable rates. The company also handles gutter cleaning—and, yes, they do windows.

By Mimi Vanderhaven

One of the problems with home improvement companies is that you need a thick Rolodex to keep up with them. That’s because most contractors do only one thing: you have to have the powering washing company, the window cleaning company, the gutter cleaning company…

Or you could just have one.

Rick Winrod, the founder of Rolling Thunder Window Cleaning & Pressure Washing, is a lean, mean cleaning machine. He and his team pressure wash siding, roofs and concrete driveways safely and effectively; they clean windows so well that you’ll swear there’s no glass in them; and they get the gunk out of your gutters so your basement stays nice and dry.

“Many people don’t realize it, but gutter cleaning is just as critical in the spring as it is in the fall,” Rick says. “Mother Nature drops a lot of debris in the spring—including flower petals, pollen, seed pods and those helicopters that fall from maple trees. If you see it on the ground, it’s also in your gutters.”

Rolling Thunder uses a low-pressure soft wash that will protect your siding, trim, gutters, and shingles.

Pressure Washing
Now is the best time to wash away the grime of winter from your home—especially your vinyl siding—but you want to be careful how it gets done. Pressure washers are powerful. If not used properly, they can damage your home and cause injury. That’s why you want to choose a professional service like Rolling Thunder.

Rick founded Rolling Thunder Window Cleaning back in 1997 and added power washing six years ago, so he knows a lot about how to clean a home effectively, yet safely. He uses just the right balance of pressure and detergent to get beautiful results without damaging your home.

Rick has personally trained each of his technicians how to perform power washing to his own exacting standards.

“We use a low-pressure soft wash that will protect your siding, trim, gutters, and shingles,” he explains. “And our specially-formulated detergents are safe for your family, pets and flower beds.”

Rick has personally trained each of his technicians how to perform power washing to his own exacting standards.

“I take pride in my work and so do the people who work for me,” he adds. “They do it the way I want it done.”

Window Cleaning
When it comes to cleaning windows, Rick has one goal: he wants your window to look like it has no glass in it.

Now, that’s a clean window.

“I look at a dirty window in the moments before I clean it and imagine what it’s going to look like clean,” he says. “I also imagine how the client is going to feel when they see it. When you clean windows on a house that haven’t been cleaned in months or years, it can be an emotional experience. It changes everything.”

Rick started cleaning windows at a Lakewood high-rise back in 1993.

“I really do see it as my calling,” he says. “I get to meet great people and provide them with a great service. We get a lot of compliments and that’s good for morale.”

Gutter Cleaning
Rick has leveraged his love of cleaning and his natural business acumen to expand into other home cleaning services, including gutter cleaning.

“Gutter cleaning is absolutely essential,” he says. “Overflowing gutters can cause very expensive problems to your foundation and your basement. That’s why we get in the nooks and crannies; we even clean the downspouts. I’ve been cleaning gutters for over two decades and I know there is a true science behind it. If we clean your gutters, they’re going to be free flowing when we leave. Water will be diverted where it’s supposed to be, not in your basement, and you won’t have mulch washing onto your driveway.”

Rolling Thunder’s May and June appointment books are filling up fast, so it’s a good idea to call them now to get on the schedule.

And if you get multiple quotes, Rick may surprise you. “We’re a smaller company with lower overhead, so we’re typically less expensive than the big guys.”

Covid-19 Update
“I’m very proud of our team’s ability to adapt so quickly, and for our customers’ graciousness and understanding. We’re observing all recommended safety protocols and we follow the latest federal and state guidance, including having only one person per vehicle and one person per property. We now wear masks and gloves, and each employee has their temperature taken every day before being dispatched. The health of our customers and our staff is always paramount.” —Rick Winrod, Owner, Rolling Thunder

The Rolling Thunder Window Cleaning offices are located at 33480 Liberty Parkway in North Ridgeville, and the company services homes throughout Northeast Ohio. For more information or to receive a free estimate, call 440-897-6317. The website is