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Ukraine stays connected

On February 24, after Russia invaded Ukraine, Elon Musk’s SpaceX sent Starlink terminals to Ukraine to help combat widespread communications outages. He sent a second batch earlier this month, along with power adapters for car cigarette lighters, solar/battery packs and generators for places where electricity wasn’t available. Starlink, in...

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Smarter homes with Proper Access: Change the way you go online and never settle for bad internet again

Sean O’Brien, Founder of Proper Access While many of the “people” we run across on a day-to-day basis may be questionable, “things” are getting smarter than ever before. Your refrigerator can make a grocery list for you, your coffee maker can link to your phone, your smoke detector can alert you to a fire or carbon dioxide leak, and...

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How to get a smarter home with Proper Access

How do I get a smarter home? That’s a question I get asked all the time. An easy way to start is with a video doorbell. Our video surveillance system monitors your home while you’re away—and it’s totally secure and hack-proof. Another exceptional add-on to your smarter home collection of products is a Google Nest smoke alarm...

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IT support for your business with Proper Access

With leaner staffing numbers and higher expenses, businesses are trying to come up with ways to get the most bang for their bucks. IT is an area that consistently demands that a business either employ a highly paid, in-house person who knows all the ins and outs of what makes servers, workstations, internet, printers and other techie stuff work,...

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Proper Access can unwrap a solution this holiday season when the latest and greatest electronics turn into problems

The stockings have been hung by the chimney with care in hopes that a new Nest thermostat, Ring door camera system and flat screen TV soon will be there. But what do you do once those complex tech gadgets arrive? The latest and greatest electronics turn into problems under the tree when the thrill of unwrapping them has worn off. You grab the...

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