Soft, beachy waves have just become a thing

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After the Braid Perm

By Laura Briedis

Always on top of the latest beauty trends—and innovating some of their own—the stylists at Cory’s Hair Studio & Day Spa have perfected the Braid Perm.

If you are looking for loose beach waves you can wake up with every morning—without having to style your hair with a curling wand—this new braid perm technique will give you just that. A carefree, tousled, feminine look.

“Clients remember when they were a child and would braid their hair when it was wet before they went to sleep and then in the morning would take out the braids and have wavy hair for the day,” says Jess Hollingsworth, who has been a hair stylist at Cory’s for 12 years. “Now there is a perm technique that can replicate that same look, but it lasts longer than just one day.”

Before the Braid Perm

As an option for clients who want a natural, beachy-looking wave, Jess introduced this innovative perm this spring. Instead of using rods to create a curl, she uses your own hair by braiding it to give it a more natural wave pattern. It creates a soft texture rather than a tight curl.

“I braid between three to six rows of hair depending on how much wave a client wants, and I can pull the braids tighter or leave them looser for the desired curl,” says Jess. “Then I apply regular perm solution and leave it on between 10 to 20 minutes depending on the density of the hair.”

To keep the hair conditioned and looking its best, Cory’s carries Matrix A Curl Can Dream product line. In addition to shampoo infused with Manuka honey extract, there is a leave-in conditioner and deep hydrating mask that preserves the pattern of the curls.

“The Braid Perm looks good on all ages of people who have any color or length of hair, as long as it is at least shoulder length,” notes Jess.

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