Stay safe and secure with an electrical safety inspection

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There are many issues that could be lurking that you don’t even know about.

By Bill Streb Owner, Streb Electric

With winter storms wreaking havoc recently, we’ve seen a greater demand for whole-house power surge protection.

Modern appliances have become more digitally controlled and are susceptible to damaging surges.

Power surges are caused by several factors. They can originate within the home, when large appliances switch on and off and throw a surge within the panel. Surges can also come from outside the house through a lightning strike or disturbance in the power grid.

Wherever they come from, they can do real damage to anything electrical in your home. We install the whole-house surge protector directly to your panel box, where it collects any surges and dissipates them.

Our customers like the peace of mind surge protection lends. They receive an insurance policy from the manufacturer for $75,000-$100,000.

Another service we do a lot of is whole-house electrical safety inspections. People are generally afraid of knowing what’s going on in their electrical box or behind their walls. There are many issues that could be lurking that you don’t even know about.

We begin at the box, making sure there’s no corrosion, then our techs check all the outlets. Oftentimes we’ll find a dangerous outlet with burned wiring that the homeowner couldn’t detect because it was behind the wall.

We present safety issues and things that are not up to code to the homeowner. And we also make recommendations for how they can save money and improve electrical efficiency through things like dimmer switches and LED lighting.

Streb Electric is in Eastlake. For the past 40 years, the family-operated company has earned a reputation for making homes safe and free from electrical hazards. Call 440-953-5819 or visit for more information.