Strength training is the fountain of youth at MaxStrength Fitness

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The MaxStrength program takes just 20 minutes of your time, only two days a week. The life transforming team includes, from left to right, Jimmy Kenosh, founder Jeff Tomaszewski, Candice Bukky and Yvonne Barricelli. (Photography by Benjamin Margalit/Margalit Studio)

By Ken McEntee

Most high achieving executives understand that quality trumps quantity. It’s true for the products they sell. It’s true for customer service.

And it’s true for exercise, asserts Jeff Tomaszewski, owner of MaxStrength Fitness, who has adopted the title of Chief Life Transformer. The title reflects his mission at MaxStrength, he says.

“I got into the fitness field because there is no other business I know of that allows you to so profoundly improve the quality of somebody’s life,” Jeff explains.

“When you are healthier, stronger and more flexible, everything else in your life changes. You have more energy. You’re more alert at work. You can play with your children or grandchildren without dozing off all the time. You can enjoy retirement without nagging aches and pains.”

One might assume that pursuing that improved quality of life requires long, sweaty hours at a loud, obstreperous gym, or running nightly against the blustery wind over slushy streets.

But one would be mistaken, Jeff assures.

“The two main reasons people train at MaxStrength are the amazing results they experience and the very short interruptions to their lives,” he says. “Our program takes just 20 minutes of your time, only two days a week. It’s all about the quality of our workout system, not the quantity of time you put in.”

So your lunch break is the only time in the day you have to exercise? No sweat.


“You will not sweat when you work out at MaxStrength, and that is by design,” Jeff says.

“The perception that you need to sweat for your workout to be successful is completely false. On the contrary, like a car engine, a cool body works more efficiently than an overheated body. That’s why we keep our training room at 65 degrees. We want to dissipate body heat very quickly, so if you start to sweat we crank up a fan to cool you off. That’s why our clients can go straight to the office without showering after a workout.”

The MaxStrength workout, Jeff summarizes, yields a strong return on your investment.

“The program is based on pushing your muscles to high levels of fatigue, to a point where they can do no more, in a condensed period of time,” he explains.

Serious business people who have had their work interrupted by an outdated computer or a slow network connection understand the importance of quality equipment. Specially designed, computerized resistance training machines are the key to the MaxStrength workout.

“The unique machines provide the maximum resistance training for muscle strength, cardiovascular conditioning and overall health and wellness,” Jeff emphasizes.

“They are designed to make muscles work hard, but without dangerous jerking that can result in injuries to your joints. Most gym training can make injuries worse. Our job is to fix people, not break them.”

“Our workout is safe and just about anybody can do it, from a professional athlete to an 85-year-old woman with a hip and a knee replacement,” he says.

“It’s not uncommon for our clients to double or triple their strength in a short period of time. When you increase your strength that much you profoundly increase your functional ability throughout the day. You can have less joint pain, more alertness and other benefits. Strength training is the foundation of youth.”

To find out how your professional, efficient workout can result in a happier, healthier lifestyle, you can schedule a complimentary consultation with MaxStrength Fitness, at 4212 St. Rt. 306, in Willoughby. You can find more information, including client testimonials, by visiting, or you can call 440-226-8080