The Bath Authority brings the impact of a big home improvement project to your home with little inconvenience for a deceptively small investment

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Smooth Canyon Rock walls surround this blissful shower-for-two, featuring chrome Rain-fall showerheads and fixtures. All installations by The Bath Authority include stripping the walls to the bare studs, then reinforcing those walls and the floor below the bath/shower areas for life-long durability.

By Bill Yurgen

With the recent rise in mortgage interest rates, many families are reassessing their housing situation and deciding to stay put for the time being. As they take that second look, these smart families are determining what they can do to improve their homes’ fun and functionality, all while looking to improve resale value when once again it’s an optimal time to sell.

This trend is now leading to a big demand for specialty remodeling contractors.

How to Fall in Love with Your Home Again
We all do it. Especially with our first house. We plan to work around our home’s shortcomings and somehow never seem to find the time or funds to do the improvements we promised ourselves. So we then tell ourselves we’ll get those features we want in our next home.

But our present home is a treasure trove of memories, and it’s probably in a location that cannot be reproduced. Our friends and neighbors live nearby and so many of our homes are decorated exactly to our individual taste.

BEFORE: This flimsy, basic builder-grade shower was boring and barely functional. AFTER: This shower space is completely new with low-maintenance acrylic side walls that closely mimic Carrara Marble, a heavy-duty seat that will last a lifetime, barndoor-style door hardware, and brushed nickel hardware.

So What’s the Problem?
Study after study, poll after poll reveals the top areas of dissatisfaction in our homes are our kitchens and bathrooms. The typical homeowner has no problem handling a bucket or two of paint or ordering up some flooring but when it comes to kitchens or baths, it’s time to call in the cavalry.

Kitchen vs. Bath Remodeling Projects
Kitchens are the number one upgrade. But a kitchen remodel comes with issues like high expense and extended project time. Today, hi-tech appliances can mean long lead times from foreign suppliers and depending on the quality of your contractor—or a roll of the dice—your kitchen could be in “construction mode” for months.

BEFORE: Cramped and blasé, this tub was used only as a shower—so why not make it a shower? AFTER: Now a spacious shower featuring multiple shower heads, generous-sized heavy-duty seating and oil-rubbed bronze hardware, this is the perfect place for a restorative shower.

A bath remodel can be much less expensive and completed in a couple of weeks…or better yet, in as little as a day.

Why The Bath Authority
With The Bath Authority handling the remodel, your project can be completed in as little as a day. Here’s how: “Instead of the traditional bath remodel which sources multiple crews—general laborer, plumber, and finish installer/tile setter—we send one specialized crew that completes the job from start to finish in 1-2 days,” explains Kalvin Harrington of The Bath Authority. “This prevents headaches that come from juggling each crew’s schedule accurately in order to finish the remodel in a timely manner.”

That’s one of the reasons why The Bath Authority has become so popular: If you have only one bath, a multi-week remodel would be painful.

The Bath Authority’s Kalvin Harrington

“We often come across homeowners who have one bathroom or maybe 1½ baths in their home,” Kalvin elaborates. “In these cases, they’re expecting the shower demolition, plumbing re-work, and new construction to take a week or even longer before it’s finished. They’re faced with the dilemma of 1) bathing at a relative’s, friend’s, or neighbor’s house while the work is being completed or 2) going to their local gym or hotel for the time being, or 3) if they do have another bath, the entire household is forced to share. Our installation process includes the full scope of work—site prep, demolition down to the subfloor and studs, all plumbing re-done including a new drain assembly, new water lines and new rough-in mixer valve, followed by the waterproofing and installation of the new shower or bath. Then we install the finished plumbing and all the fixtures before cleaning up the job site. Depending on the size and scope of work, we’re able to be in and out in 1-2 days with no stress of finding somewhere else to bathe as well as not having to take extensive time off of work while the remodel is being completed.”

We think that’s brilliant.

Mimi Pro-Hint
Kalvin suggests considering updating two baths at the same time (one right after the other) in order to enjoy additional discounts. “Right now the timing is perfect for dual bath projects as we are nearing the seasons for holiday guests,” he says. “That way, interruptions are held to a minimum. Most of our customers are having us convert one bath to a jetted walk-in tub while the other bath gets converted into a walk-in shower, so they will always be able to bathe their way.

Save Money on Product and Financing
For all Mimi readers, The Bath Authority is currently offering $1,000 off their bath or shower project in addition to special financing terms as low as $99 per month. Please visit for more information on this special offer. Better yet, to arrange your free estimate call 216-343-1259.