The Chodaczek Team can help you assess your family’s needs, and move on to a home that fits

Chodaczek Team
Pictured (L to R): Quinn Johnston, Mary J. Martin, Alexandra Primisch (unlicensed assistant), Jessica Chodaczek, Allison Danner, and Christine Petersen (unlicensed assistant) (Photo credit: Brooklyn Medina)

By Mary Malik

The Chodaczek Team at LoFaso Real Estate is the expert in all aspects of buying and selling homes, but can’t tell you when it’s time to move. The team members will help you make that decision based on your family’s needs today and your dreams for the future.

“We specialize in helping families make the next move, literally,” Jessica Chodaczek says. “Sometimes it’s difficult and, honestly, scary, to make that decision, but we have found that families are usually experiencing at least one of three ‘pain points’ that has prompted a move.”

Working From Home
When remote work seemed like a temporary situation, families were putting up with the inconvenience of working from the kitchen or dining room table.

“Now, many temporary remote situations are permanent with no dedicated office space,” Jessica says. ‘This is a common pain point.”

Private Outdoor Space
Can you see what your neighbors are grilling for dinner? Do you need outdoor space for the kids to play or to relax in privacy?

“Outdoor privacy is pain point number two,” Jessica says. “Enjoying the yard as a family is difficult with the eyes of the neighborhood on you.”

Whether it’s space inside or outside for your friends or your kids’ friends, entertaining space is hard to find when you’ve outgrown your home.

“Pain point number three is entertaining,” Jessica says. “Parents often tell us they want the house all the kids come to but there’s no place for them to go—not to mention no extra bed, bath or kitchen space to host the holidays.”

The Chodaczek Team develops a step-by-step game plan and guides you through it from your decision to move until they hand you the keys to your new home.

“We’re very attuned to our client’s needs because we listen,” Jessica says. “Tell us your pain point, we’ll break down the process and get you into the home that fits your family’s needs.”

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