The Echelon of Medina: The future of senior living

The Echelon Schematic
By offering an uncompromising level of care and service in a luxurious, high-tech environment, The Echelon brings the future of aging into the here and now. (Photography by Benjamin Margalit/Margalit Studio)

By Adam Cook

The cornerstone of the new senior living community opening in the fall of 2018 in Medina rests on changing our common conception of aging. At The Echelon, aging is something to aspire to.

“The luxury amenities that exist at The Echelon, like the old-fashioned English pub or the Himalayan salt massage room, dispel any notion that aging is a series of inevitable compromises between the quality of our lives and our or our loved ones’ peace of mind that physical and medical oversight brings,” says Jeff Risner, owner/operator of The Echelon, alongside his wife Jill.

By design, The Echelon doesn’t compromise. It will be the first of its kind to combine the best of the health and hospitality fields and be comprised of an independent living building and an assisted living/secure memory care building.

The two distinct parts of the senior living community make it possible to provide a continuum of care.

“As members age, there will seldom ever come a point that their needs become too great that we can no longer care for them,” says Jeff.

The Echelon couples its unique capability with a commitment to competence and compassion and actively cultivates experience. Lush green walls—vertical gardens—greet visitors and calm members while filtering out pollutants. A safe, half-mile walking path meanders around outdoor fireplaces and under pergola-shaded sittings areas, and there’s even a dog park. The view from the third-floor balcony overlooks the valley.

The 90-suite independent living community and the 98-suite assisted living/secure memory community on North Huntington Street near historic downtown Medina is the result of a local partnership between Darrell Seibert II, Mark Hemminger of Hemminger Construction Co. and Summit Construction.

“Medina’s welcomed us with open arms. There’s a recognition that The Echelon is a benefit to seniors in the area far beyond simply filling a need for more senior housing,” says Jeff. “Medina is a jewel, and the charm of downtown right at our doorstep—four blocks away—enhances and enriches the quality of life our members enjoy beyond the amenities on the grounds.”

Concierge service makes jaunts into historic downtown Medina accessible. Staff members are resourceful in responding to members’ requests and scheduling appointments, planning events and organizing activities. “It’s catered living to a higher degree,” says Jeff.

It’s an approach that’s sometimes referred to as active senior living.

“Our members have opportunities to socialize and make friends through the activities and amenities whether a bus trip away or right in their building,” says Jeff.

“Our members have access to a higher quality of life that’s often many times greater than they’ve experienced before.”

Jeff explained that accessibility frees seniors from the limitations they may have experienced living alone in their homes or apartments and went on to say that accessibility bestows a renewed sense of independence.
The Echelon provides person-centered care.

“Often moving to an assisted living facility means having to fit into a box,” says Jeff. “People don’t fit into boxes. At The Echelon, we adapt to our members’ individual needs with the same enthusiasm as we adapt to our community needs.”

The Wellness Center is open for weekly health monitoring by visiting podiatrists, dentists, optometrists, audiologists and other health professionals.

“If a member decides not to come down to the Welcome Center, the visiting physician can make a house call to the member’s suite.”

Additionally, The Echelon will use proprietary technology to enhance the level of personalized physical and medical oversight it’s able to provide. The Echelon’s state-of-the-art technology can detect falls and other emergencies that require rapid medical assistance and can monitor overall health as well. Sophisticated algorithms make it possible to respond to health concerns proactively.

“Our monitoring system is there when our members need it,” says Jeff. “Most independent living facilities would not equip their facilities to the technological degree we do of having, say, a nurse call system in place. But if something were to happen, we can respond and adapt as quickly as we would prior to a member needing a higher level of care.”

Whenever the need arises, the intent is to keep members safe throughout each stage of life. Familiar touchstones ease the transition from independent to assisted living.

At The Echelon, as it is in life, one of the most enduring touchstones is food. The food never comes frozen and is usually farm to table. “Fresh fruits and vegetables, grass-fed beef, pasture-raised, free-range chicken are locally sourced, so our food is always as clean, healthy and as whole as possible,” says Jeff.

The Echelon seeks a higher standard.

“We actively listen to our members and respond to the ever-evolving needs of aging through comprehensive person-centered care,” says Jeff.

“But, ultimately, we’re encouraging an emotional shift. The Echelon speaks to a greater need. Through an abundance of amenities and personalized services, our members experience a higher quality of life.”

The Echelon of Medina is located at 635 N. Huntington St. in Medina. Call 330-591-2777 or visit the to find out how you can position yourself or your loved one for the future.