The high cost of furniture means vintage is having a moment. Sharing Vintage Revivals, LLC offers quality home furnishings with a nod to the past

After Sharing Vintage
AFTER: This little desk was manufactured by the Taylor Made Furnitiure Co. between 1920 and 1950, it was in its original state when Sharon found it, then she made it into a functional piece of art. This design was so popular, the Sammon’s created and sold eight of them to keep up with customer’s demand.

By Mary Malik

Everything old is not only new again but even better than it was before, at Sharing Vintage Revivals, LLC in Eastlake, Ohio. And when they say “old,” owners Sharon and Chris Sammon are talking about vintage, not necessarily antique.

“Vintage is usually considered anything from 20 to 99 years old and antiques 100 years old, or older” Sharon says. “I have always had a passion for vintage furniture and making them look fabulous is so much fun. Some pieces need little work, so we clean them up to bring out their natural beauty again. We couldn’t stand the thought of these things being broken apart and ending up in land fills. We breathe new life into them, then enjoy watching people give them a new home.”


Sharon and Chris both retired in 2019 from long careers at The Sherwin-Williams Co. and they found themselves gravitating toward their part-time passions of painting for Chris and restoring furniture for Sharon.

“I’ve always been a painter and kept my hand in it even when I was working a full time job,” Chris says. “After we retired, Sharon started to teach at Ursuline College and paint furniture in the garage. She stopped teaching in 2022 and soon we had no place in the garage to park. So, we started looking for a retail space to showcase these special pieces.”

If you’re looking for something unique, stop into Sharing Vintage Revivals, LLC in Eastlake.

Together, Sharon and Chris opened Sharing Vintage Revivals, LLC on November 1, 2023. Finding their pieces through wholesalers, Facebook Marketplace, the Cleveland Furniture Bank, house sales, individual sellers and they even take in consignment items from other artists, Sharon is always looking for the wow factor.

“We look for exceptional pieces that can either be used for their original purpose or repurposed for a modern lifestyle,” Sharon says. “I’ve set up the shop with accessories like wall art and lamps, so customers can envision the pieces in their own homes.”

Sharon says she likes the shop to be pretty and functional.

“I wanted to line everything up against the wall,” Chris jokes. “But now that I see how Sharon designed it, I understand.”

Sharon and Chris also enjoy researching each piece they sell and sharing the history of the item for customers to read.


“We’re starting to see younger customers appreciating this furniture,” Sharon says. “They’re realizing it’s a higher quality at a more affordable price than they’ll find today, and they can get creative with how they use these vintage pieces.”

For example, a solid cherry dresser recently sold for $350 and many other pieces for even less. Some smaller desks are being used for dressing tables. And if you don’t see what you’re looking for, give Sharon a call. She’ll keep an eye out for items that match your needs, and Chris will make it just the way you want it.


“We just want to find homes for these special pieces,” Sharon says. “Anything we don’t sell we donate to local charities to support their causes.”

Sharon accepts some consignment pieces and currently features items from C&D Refurbulous Furniture in Ashtabula County.

“They do unique refinishing and we’re happy to showcase their items,” Sharon says.

If you’re looking for something unique, stop in and meet Sharon and Chris. You’ll leave with a new appreciation for older furniture and perhaps find something fabulous.

Sharing Vintage Revivals is located at 35475 Vine St., in Eastlake. For hours or a private appointment, call 440-306-8058. Email Sharon at and check them out on Facebook.