The Neighborhood Experts at Platinum Real Estate helps buyers navigate the competitive sellers’ market

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With the current sellers’ market conditions, multiple offers have become the norm.

By Patricia Nugent

Is there anything scarier to a home buyer than the words “multiple-offer situation?”

With the current sellers’ market conditions, multiple offers have become the norm.

Setting your bid up for success is a complicated process that relies on shrewd navigation through pricing, strategy and negotiation.

Local real estate experts Denise and Mark Zervos and the seasoned team at The Neighborhood Experts at Platinum Real Estate have been there and done that when it comes to multiple offers and came up with the following Top 10 List of ways to win in a multiple-offer situation:

1. Make a strong first offer. “This may be your only chance at winning,” says Denise. “Gather all the information you can before putting the bid together. Then make a compelling offer that reflects the property’s value and local market conditions.”

2. Be flexible with closing dates. Offer a closing date that accommodates the seller’s schedule and needs. Some may favor a quick closing and others may need additional time to find their next home.

3. Stay within your budget. This one seems like common sense, but when people become emotionally attached to a home, they oftentimes lose touch with their financial reality. While it’s essential to be competitive, ensure that your offer aligns with your budget and financial comfort.

4. Leverage your experienced agent’s relationships. Collaborate with your real estate agent, who should have local market knowledge and valuable relationships with other agents for insights and an insider’s edge. “I’d say about 95 percent of the time we know the other local agents working on a deal,” she adds. “Our advantage lies in gathering insight about the intricacies of each home’s value and the sellers’ unique situation.”

5. Stay positive and be patient. Maintain a positive and patient attitude throughout the process, as multiple-offer situations can be quite stressful.

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