The new Holistic Health and Healing Center offers a variety of pathways to wellness

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Pictured above is Hank Setala demonstrating the crystal bowls’ sounds and vibrations. (Photography: Benjamin Margalit)

By Patricia Nugent

Ever felt like you were in a rut, without any real explanation as to why? Do the behavior patterns you’ve built up over your lifetime seem to be holding you back?

The Holistic Health and Healing Center might hold the answer for you.

Opened last August on the first floor of the Pheasant Run Plaza in North Olmsted by a duo of spiritual healers—Hank Setala and Rian Dean—the center offers spiritual healing sessions, seminars, lectures and workshops.

“Our ultimate goal is to empower body, mind and soul, while enabling our clients to heal, and self-heal,” says Hank. “So many of the thoughts, judgements and fears we have are stopping us from becoming our better selves. We shift those so they no longer hold us back.”

Do You Didgeridoo?
Just one instrument in Hank’s arsenal of healing modalities is the didgeridoo, a long wind instrument developed by indigenous Australians created when termites eat through part of a tree, but leave the hollow wood tube intact. It emits a low, rumbling sound.

“As an empath, I’ll use a variety of modalities, from sound healing with tuning forks, gongs and crystal singing bowls to crystal healing and Access Bar therapy, which allow me to tap into your energy centers,” says Hank. “Different people respond to different types of healing.”

To hear for yourself the soothing effects sound therapy can provide, don’t miss the Crystal Bowl Concert on Friday, May 24, at the center.

In addition to sound healing, other healing services include:

  • Aromatherapy
  • Reiki
  • Shamanic Healing
  • Intuitive Readings
  • Energy Healing

What Are the Causes?
Hank notes that these healings have benefits for a wide range of physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

“When you change your perspective, it changes everything,” he says. “For example, a person may have been told by their parents as a child that money was the root of all evil. So that may have led to self-defeating behaviors. We get to the causal factors of issues so people can work them out for themselves.”

Rian also performs several of these healing modalities to improve physical, emotional and spiritual concerns.

“During a healing session, clients lie down fully clothed on a massage table or zero gravity chair,” he explains. “I direct their energy systematically into specific points on the head or body to facilitate healing. People leave feeling recharged and refreshed.”

Another service of Rian’s that’s grown in popularity is the Access Energetic Facelift, a gentle, non-invasive healing technique that rejuvenates the face and neck area and reverses the appearance of aging.

Rent This Spiritual Space
Whether for private events or wellness practitioners looking to offer services in a healing space, you can book this peaceful and Zen center, whether it’s the beautiful 1,000-square-foot event room, practitioner room or meeting room.

During a healing session at Holistic Health, clients lie down fully clothed on a massage table or zero gravity chair. A spiritual healer directs their energy systematically into specific points on the head or body to facilitate healing.

The center rents the spaces by the hour or by the day and provides every amenity, from chairs and tables to massage tables with bedding, large screen television and snack and beverage area.

Holistic Health & Healing Center is located at the corner of Lorain and Stearns Roads in North Olmsted, 28895 Lorain Road. Call 440-720-HEAL (4325) or visit for more information.