The pros at Painting Solutions can revitalize and transform your deck or cedar siding the right way

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Dan Peck and his crew at Painting Solutions need just a couple of days and your deck will be ready for a summer of outdoor fun. (Photography: Felicia Vargo)

By Mary Malik

We’ve all been paying a lot of attention to the inside of our homes lately. It’s time to give the outside a little love. Maintaining your home’s exterior is just as important as the interior. A fading, peeling, cracked deck or cedar siding not only detract from the beauty of your home, but can mean a much larger investment down the road.

Dan Peck, owner of Painting Solutions in Chardon, and his crew will make repairs and stain your deck and cedar siding, preparing them for the summer sun and save you money at the same time.

Decks and cedar siding need to be professionally cleaned and stained every few years, depending on your home’s environment.
Decking takes a lot of abuse, even aside from the weather. Get the job done right from the pros at Painting Solutions the first time and avoid having to fix it or replace it later.

“Decks and cedar siding need to be professionally cleaned and stained every few years, depending on your home’s environment,” says Dan. “The elements wreak havoc on these outdoor surfaces. Sun, heat, rain and the fluctuating temperatures here in Northeast Ohio can do a number on any wood. It needs proper maintenance and protection so your investment can last for to come.”

The location of your home has a lot to do with the wear and tear on your cedar siding and your deck surfaces. On average, cedar homes need staining ever four to six years and decks every two to three years.

Dan Peck, owner of Painting Solutions, in Chardon

Dan services many homes along golf courses or other areas where trees and coverage are minimal. These homes and decks need staining every year or two.

“In better protected areas, you don’t need to clean and stain quite as often,” says Dan. “The sun is really your worst enemy in this case. And if you wait too long, then the rain and moisture seep into those exposed areas and you end up with cracked wood that needs to be replaced. And just like almost every other building material these days, cedar is very expensive. Protect now and save later.”

Stain offers many advantages over paint. Aesthetically, a transparent or semi-transparent product brings out the natural look of wood. Practically, a stain allows the wood to breathe and doesn’t peel and flake like paint but instead just fades. This, however, can make it difficult to see the need for maintenance.

“The protection of the stain just weathers off,” says Dan. “It’s not as glaring as peeling paint. The problem is that the wood grain reopens, making it vulnerable to the elements, not to mention dirt and mold. You need to clean that wood, reapply the stain and seal it back up again.”

Probably the best advice that Dan can give when it comes to cleaning and staining your deck or siding is not to DIY it. In this case, a power washer or a stain in the wrong hands can do a lot of damage.

“It’s so important when you’re dealing with your deck to get all of the loose, peeling material, mold and dirt off of it before you stain,” says Dan. “We have power washers that are strong enough to do that and we know how to use them, so we don’t damage the decking material. It can be a delicate balance. Then when the stain is applied, it goes on smoothly and evenly for the best possible outcome.”

Although power washing is a necessary step for cleaning the deck, Dan warns that it’s a big mistake when cleaning your siding.

Cleaning and staining cedar siding are jobs best left to a professional company like Painting Solutions. Improper prep can result in permanent damage to your home’s exterior.

“Don’t power wash your home’s cedar siding,” says Dan. “You will damage the wood and oversaturate it with water and cause a much bigger problem. We use a bleach solution on siding to gently remove any mold and dirt, then apply the stain to that heavily grained surface. It really looks beautiful when we finish.”

Dan says another mistake people can make when they do the job themselves is applying too much product, which causes peeling and flaking. Give Dan and his crew just a couple of days and your deck will be ready for a summer of outdoor fun.

“Decking takes a lot of abuse, even aside from the weather,” says Dan. “Foot traffic, furniture, grilling, animals, all kinds of things affect the wear and tear that you don’t get anywhere else around your home. Get the job done right the first time and avoid having to fix it or replace it later.”

Painting Solutions will also take care of minor repairs, like loose nails and screws. They’ll also replace rotting boards and tighten railings and spindles.

“Our crew is knowledgeable and experienced in painting and staining and all of the necessary preparation for a job well done,” says Dan. “And don’t underestimate the preparation. It’s an important part of the process. We’ll not only prepare the surfaces but also protect the surrounding areas of your home from any damage. There’s a lot of attention to detail with Painting Solutions.”

Whether you’re protecting your home from the elements or are just anxious to get out to your deck and enjoy the warm weather with family and friends, a cleaning and staining from Painting Solutions will guarantee it’s ready when you are.

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