Rolling Thunder Window Cleaning & Pressure Washing safely and effectively cleans siding, roofs, concrete, windows and gutters affordably

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The constant rains mean most of us are way behind on basic home maintenance, like cleaning windows, gutters, siding, roofs and concrete driveways. Here’s how Rolling Thunder Window Cleaning and Power Washing can help you “beat the rain.”

By Mimi Vanderhaven

We’ve gotten so much rain lately that The Weather Channel recently changed the logo in its website and mobile app to read, “The Water Channel.” While it may be a funny little PR stunt, the spring deluges we’ve been experiencing are no joke.

Our gutters are overflowing, endangering our basements and foundations and creating tell-tale zebra stripes. Our roofs and siding have become petri dishes for mold, mildew and algae. We haven’t been able to mulch, so our flower beds are pits of mud which splash on our siding and get tracked into the house. And our windows are foggy with the remnants of acid rain and smudges from the noses of dogs and children who can’t go outside to play.

It’s nearly the Fourth of July—and there is still so much home maintenance to get done.

Fortunately, there’s a single, one-stop shop for many home improvement cleaning jobs. It’s Rick Winrod’s Rolling Thunder Window Cleaning & Pressure Washing.

He and his team pressure wash siding, roofs and concrete driveways safely and effectively; they clean windows so well that you’ll swear there’s no glass in them; and they get the gunk out of your gutters so your basement stays nice and dry.

Pressure Washing
It’s never too late to wash away the grime from your home—especially your vinyl siding—but you want to be careful how it gets done. Pressure washers are extremely powerful. If not used properly, they can damage your home and cause injury. That’s why you want to choose a professional service like Rick’s.

Rick started Rolling Thunder Window Cleaning back in 1997 and added power washing six years ago, so he knows a lot about how to clean a home effectively, yet safely. He uses just the right balance of pressure and detergent to get beautiful results without damaging your home.

“We use a low-pressure soft wash that will protect your siding, trim, gutters, and shingles,” Rick explains. “And our specially-formulated detergents are safe for your family, pets and flower beds. Power washing requires knowledge, experience, talent, attention to detail, and investing in—and knowing how to use—today’s best, high-tech equipment.”

Rick has a small team and he’s personally trained each of his technicians how to perform power washing to his own exacting standards.

Window Cleaning
When it comes to cleaning windows, Rick has one goal: he wants your window to look like it has no glass in it.

“I look at a dirty window in the moments before I clean it and imagine what it’s going to look like clean,” he says. “I also imagine how the client is going to feel when they see it. When you clean windows on a house that haven’t been cleaned in months or years, it can be an emotional experience. It changes everything.”

Rick started cleaning windows at a Lakewood high-rise back in 1993.

“I really do see it as my calling,” he says. “I get to meet great people. I get to make them happy and they compliment me. Plus, it keeps me in shape. I burn a lot of calories on the job.”

Gutter Cleaning
Rick has leveraged his love of cleaning and his natural business acumen to expand into other home cleaning services, including gutter cleaning.

“Gutter cleaning is absolutely essential,” he says. “Overflowing gutters can cause very expensive problems to your foundation and your basement. That’s why we get in the nooks and crannies; we even clean the downspouts. I’ve been cleaning gutters for 20 years and I know there is a true science behind it. If we clean your gutters, they’re going to be free flowing when we leave. Water will be diverted where it’s supposed to be, not in your basement, and you won’t have mulch washing onto your driveway.”

Best of all, Rolling Thunder is affordable. If you get multiple quotes, Rick may surprise you.

“We’re a smaller company with lower overhead, so we’re typically less expensive than the big guys.”

The Rolling Thunder Window Cleaning offices are located at 33480 Liberty Parkway in North Ridgeville, but the company services homes throughout Northeast Ohio. For more information or to receive a free estimate, call 440-897-6317. The website is

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