The team at Bath R Us specializes in sensational total bathroom remodels in less than a week

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A new bath in less than a week? Yes! And the other best part is, they bring all the product samples to you. Find out how you can get started on the Bath R Us bath of your dreams.

By Ken McEntee

Bath R Us has partnered with the best shower and tub replacement company in the country. It also features the best made-in-the-USA makers of the other components necessary for a complete renovation: flooring, fixtures, toilets, vanities and lighting. (before and after)

To proclaim that Bath R Us is the bathroom company in Northeast Ohio after just two years in business may be a strong statement to make.

But Chad Howman, owner of the company, says he can back it up.

“Happy customers are the biggest way to identify a solid, reliable company,” Chad says. “Among the things that we are most proud of are the reviews and customer ratings we get on Google and social media. Our average customer satisfaction rating on Google is 4.9 stars out of five, and we have more than 260 social media reviews posted after only two years in business. That’s more reviews and better ratings than companies that have been around for more than 20 years, including national franchises.”

Bath R Us, Chad insists, is the go-to vendor for:

• Bathroom renovations

• Replacement baths

• Tub-to-shower conversions

• New tubs and conversions

• Shower surrounds

• Acrylic showers

• Walk-in bathtubs

Chad, a decades-long veteran of the local home remodeling market, started Bath R Us with his wife, Stephanie, in March 2020. He credits his customers’ delight to his talented and conscientious team.

The Bath R Us formula is simple: transformational remodeling that brings luxurious bathrooms to life for a fraction of the price, in less than a week. (before and after)

“Our people are the key,” he says. “Our installers are all factory trained and certified by the manufacturers of the products we install, and our visionary design consultants do an amazing job of inspiring customers and helping them to pick out colors and styles. Our sales reps are easy to work with. I’m always confident that when we complete the job, our customers are going to be happy with the experience from start to finish.”

Chad understands the importance of an attractive, functional bathroom. It’s where people typically begin and end their days. In the morning, an elegant bathroom can set the mood for the rest of the day. In the evening, a hot bubbly soak—maybe with a glass of wine—in a spectacular bath may release the stress of a long day.

That’s why Chad and Stephanie, before starting Bath R Us, secured a partnership with the best shower and tub replacement company they could find. They then sought out the best made-in-the-USA makers of the other components necessary for a complete renovation: flooring, fixtures, toilets, vanities and lighting.

“Our mission is to create a dream bathroom,” Chad explains. “Our customers genuinely appreciate that we come to their home for a no-obligation consultation. We bring all the samples and see what looks best together in their space. Sometimes people struggle with putting all the colors and finishes together. This is our specialty.”

That may be why, during its second year in business, Bath R Us already ranked among the top 10 of its manufacturers’ more than 800 nationwide dealers.

“Even though we founded the niche business at a very challenging time, just when the pandemic had started, I knew that if we simply followed through on the vision of transformational remodeling—bringing luxurious bathrooms to life for a fraction of the price, in less than a week—that growth and success would come our way,” Chad says.

Since opening in 2020, the Bath R Us Medina location has grown to more than 40 employees and nine service trucks. They have catapulted to one of the top 10 out of 800 nationwide dealers for the manufacturer last year and have two new locations in the works for this year.

Chad’s establishment of Bath R Us followed almost 30 years of home remodeling experience, beginning when he was in his early teens.

“I’ve also dabbled in flipping homes, so I can relate to the experience of making sure things are done right from an owner’s perspective,” he assures.

Bath R Us offers a huge selection of products to customize any bathroom to reflect the homeowner’s style. The company has reimagined the bathrooms in hundreds of homes throughout Ohio by tapping into a variety of styles.

“There are three age groups of clients who tend to choose similar styles,” Chad explains. “The younger homeowners in their 20s and 30s opt for the most contemporary styles, including white subway tiles. Middle-age clients tend to favor earth tones and more of a rustic, modern farmhouse design in marble and quartz looks. And seniors like the look of granite, with more pattern and movement.”

Whatever the age group, Chad reports that everyone appreciates the easy-to-clean and ultra-durable high-tech polymer materials, without the old-fashioned grout to clean.

“Since our products are waterproof, there are no worries of moisture collecting like it does in older showers and tubs,” he says. “There are countless homes in our area that still have old builder-grade fiberglass shower units that look so dated. Our specialty is helping people rid themselves of those and bring their bathrooms into 2022.”

For people who plan to sell their homes soon, a bathroom renovation will get you a strong return on your investment, Chad promises.

The sooner you schedule your Bath R Us estimate and consultation the sooner you can enjoy a refreshing, relaxing bath or shower in your dream bathroom. All you need to do is call 440-870-8002. Or you can visit to view some dramatic before and after photos of bathroom makeovers.