The team at Chagrin Home Improvements is ready to transform the interior of your home with a fully staffed crew of professional painters and plenty of materials

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What better time than the dark days of February and March to get those painting projects done and your home ready for spring and beyond? Joe Jacobs’ Chagrin Home Improvements team is ready to help with your interior painting needs. (Photography: Felicia Vargo)

By Mary Malik

Just when you thought making beautiful and impactful changes to the interior of your home was too difficult due to delays in just about everything, Chagrin Home Improvements comes to the rescue.

“My crew is ready to take on your interior painting project and help transform your home without delays in deliveries, staffing or services,” says owner Joe Jacobs. “Our expertly trained, ready-to-work team is not comprised of last-minute hires with no experience like you’ll find with other painting companies. They have been with me for years, are highly skilled tradesman, and are prepared to transform your home.”

Chagrin Home Improvements offers so much more than just someone to paint your walls, trim, cabinets and more. There’s a foreman on every job with over a decade of experience with interior painting and drywall repair, and the crew is trained to do this job the right way. And, as Joe likes to say, “Make no mistake, there is a right way to paint.”

Chagrin Home Improvements can transform any room with paint, including the kitchen. Don’t replace your cabinets, repaint them with the expertise of owner Joe Jacobs and his team.

Joe and his crew have seen plenty of paint jobs gone wrong, often when well-meaning homeowners take matters into their own hands, or hire untrained, inexperienced painters who don’t know that right way to do the job.

“People often think painting is a DIY project that doesn’t require training or experience,” Joe says. “Just pick up a brush and get started, right? Well, we’ve cleaned up a lot of messes over the years. People realize once they get into it that there’s a lot more involved than they expected. Then, when issues arise, they don’t know how to fix it. Leave it to our experts for a stress-free experience.”

Chagrin Home Improvements is not dealing with delays and lack of employees like many home improvement businesses are experiencing.

“We’re not frantically hiring strangers to put on a job,” says Joe. “My employees are loyal friends and even family members that I’ve been working with for years. We learned this trade together—from the best in the business—as teenagers on summer jobs. This is what we do for a living. It’s not a part-time gig between other jobs.”

And what better time than the dark days of February and March to get those painting projects done and your home ready for spring and beyond?

“For a relatively small investment, when compared to renovations and more intrusive projects, you can update and freshen your home with new and fashionable paint colors,” says Joe. “And professionally painting your cabinets in the kitchen or bath is a great and affordable way to completely revitalize the look of a room.”

But a fresh coat of paint can also cause quite a mess if done improperly, especially when tackling cabinets. That’s why Joe stresses the importance of using professionals like his crew at Chagrin Home Improvements. Things like wall preparation, the proper tools for the job, the quality of the paint and products and even the order of how the job is done all make a big difference in the outcome of your painting project.

“Things like sprayers and sanders require training or you can do some serious damage,” says Joe. “We’ve invested in a state-of-the-art sanding system that allows us to achieve a perfectly smooth, even finish while eliminating dust with a high-powered HEPA dust collection system,” says Joe. “It’s a game-changer when preparing your walls or cabinets for paint or repairing damaged walls. These are details other painters can miss.”

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