The team at Chagrin Home Improvements specializes in repairing, restoring and preserving decks across Northeast Ohio

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You don’t have to wait around at home for your deck restoration. Chagrin Home Improvements can beautify your deck while preserving its surroundings while you’re away. (Photography: Felicia Vargo)

By Mary Malik

Joe Jacobs, owner of Chagrin Home Improvements, promises the warm weather is on its way and, if you haven’t already, you will want to get out on your deck. When you get there, it’s nice to have a clean, sealed and repaired space to welcome you and your family and friends.

“Decks take a beating in the winter and even spring months in Northeast Ohio,” says Joe. “The good news is, every couple of years, if small repairs are made and the surface is properly cleaned and sealed, your deck will always be ready to enjoy when we can all get back outside.”

Into our eighth year of doing this job now, Joe and his crew have perfected the process.

“As a local business, it’s critical for us to be not just good, but exceptional at every aspect of this job,” says Joe. “We do that for every client and, thankfully, people are talking. The schedule is filling up quickly but there’s still time to reserve your spot.”

A professional restoration by Chagrin Home Improvements will increase the longevity of your deck and save you repair and even replacement costs down the road. And the process is simple. Give Joe and call and a team member will personally come out to your home for a deck assessment, take some photos, and get back to you with a written quote. The job usually takes two days, depending on the weather. Don’t worry about being home for any of it. Go about your day and come home to your beautiful, like-new deck.

A professional deck restoration by Chagrin Home Improvements will increase the longevity of your deck and save you repair and even replacement costs down the road. And the process is simple.

“It’s a very efficient process,” says Joe. “And I’m not frantically hiring strangers to put on a job. My employees are loyal friends and even family members that I’ve been working with for years. We learned this trade together—from the best in the business—as teenagers on summer jobs. This is what we do for a living. It’s not a part-time gig. My guys arrive on time and get to work.”

And Joe says with Chagrin Home Improvements, your deck restoration should hold up for two or three years.

“Some others try and get you on a yearly schedule, but if you have it done right, every two or three years should be fine,” says Joe.

With Chagrin Home Improvements, there are no worries about delays in deliveries, staffing or services.

“We haven’t any shortages in productivity or quality labor,” says Joe. “And we’re all stocked up on our usual highest quality stains and equipment.”

The crew will first clean your deck thoroughly, getting rid of dirt and mold buildup, an important step because you don’t want to be sealing over the gunk. The wood must be clean.

“We also make small repairs, like replacing rotten wood pieces and securing raised screws and nails,” says Joe. “Once your deck is cleaned and stained, we recommend rinsing it off regularly to help with dirt and mildew buildup. Every year or two, only a professional restoration process will protect it from rotting, warping and other issues that will cost you down the road.”

Chagrin Home Improvements will also protect your deck’s surroundings, like the siding of your home and landscaping while doing the job.

“Your deck is an extension of your home and can last decades if it’s maintained the right way,” says Joe.

For more information and to get a spot on the schedule, call Joe Jacobs at 440-247-6700 or check the website