The top medical team at Refined Aesthetics brings a wealth of experience to the skin rejuvenation table and much more

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After seeking training from one of the preeminent injection practitioners in the country, Jessica Robinson, APRN, CRNA, learned the best techniques for injections and other treatments and started Refined Aesthetics. (Photography: Felicia Vargo)

By Mary Malik

“Improved so as to be precise or subtle” is the definition of “refined.” That explains why Jessica Robinson, APRN, CRNA, named her cosmetic treatment spa in Hudson Refined Aesthetics.

“My practice is not about changing the way you look,” says Jessica. “It’s about helping you feel better in your own skin, appear naturally ageless, and a subtle change can do that. My services address everything from fine lines and wrinkles to acne, scarring, sagging skin and more.”

As a certified registered nurse anesthetist, Jessica has been on a journey to helping people achieve their personal health and wellness goals in a safe, skilled setting her entire professional life. After earning her Bachelor of Science in nursing degree, Jessica worked in the Cleveland Clinic’s surgical intensive care unit. She discovered an interest in anesthesia after her mother experienced a complication.

“We were told by the surgeon that her complication was a result of being treated by the anesthesia ‘B team,’” says Jessica. “This devastating experience led me to change my path, go back to school at CWRU for my master’s degree and become a nurse anesthetist.”

Working in plastic surgery in her new role, Jessica discovered how these procedures change lives for the better. After seeking training from one of the preeminent injection practitioners in the country, Jessica learned the best techniques for injections and other treatments and started Refined Aesthetics, where her background in anatomy and physiology makes her especially qualified to determine the correct treatment for the best results.

Refined Aesthetics owner, Jessica Robinson, APRN, CRNA

Refined Aesthetics Treatment Options

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

Jessica offers neurotoxins to address clients’ fine lines and wrinkles.

“Other conditions like TMJ, hyperhydrosis or excessive sweating can also be relieved by neurotoxins,” says Jessica. “It’s important to have a trained professional injector who understands the proper placement depending on your needs.”

Dermal Filler Treatment

Lips and cheeks can benefit from dermal fillers by producing a fuller, enhanced appearance.

“Filler placement is an art,” says Jessica. “Starting at age 16, we lose fat pads in the face. Fillers can give that youthful appearance back but it has to be done right. My goal is a naturally ageless look.”

PRP Facials

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) facials stimulate skin and regenerate collagen through microneedling and the use of your own plasma for a healthy, refined appearance.

“Plasma is a powerhouse of healing factors,” says Jessica. “It’s wonderful for lines, loss of elasticity and even scarring.”

Chemical Peels

Jessica offers the mid-depth Vitality Institute five-acid blend chemical peel to address hyper pigmentation, fine lines, melasma and exfoliate and renew the skin at a cellular level.

The VI peel can also be used on the body for acne scarring and stretch marks.

Getting Started

Your Refined Aesthetics experience begins with a phone call. Your medical history is taken by Jennifer Junstrom, PA-C,

a physician assistant with eight years of experience in plastic surgery and a warm and welcoming personality.

“At your first visit, I’ll explain my recommendations, the cost, short- and long-term results and address your questions,” says Jessica. “I use the highest-grade products in all of my treatments—nothing I wouldn’t use myself. I experienced severe acne as a teen and have tried countless products, however nothing compares to Neocutis, which is the medical-grade skincare line I carry. My goal is to gain your trust with my knowledge, expertise and personal approach. I love what I do and guarantee that at Refined Aesthetics, you always get the ‘A Team.’”

Refined Aesthetics is located in Loft 6 in Salon Lofts at 118 West Streetsboro Street in Hudson. For more information call 330-591-2517, or check the website or email Jessica at